Zoom H2 Vs H2N

Finding portable recording device is something tricky since there are so many choices which can be the option for your need. However, what you need to deal with is finding the reviews, and compares them. The products of Zoom H2 and H2N might be the options you can choose and often make you feel so frustrated on deciding one of them. The comparison of Zoom H2 Vs H2N might be helpful for you on deciding which one is suitable the most for you. Sure, we need to know about the comparison on its features, technology, and so on.

Zoom H2 Vs H2N

There are some essential differences between Zoom H2 and H2N. Sure, Zoom H2N is the newer or recent version recorder from Zoom than the H2 one. The H2N has some improvements which become the differences from the newer to the older series one; such like it has the capability on recording the raw mode of M / S. Then, the control panel of the H2N is much simpler. The battery life of H2N is also much better because it can be about three until ten hours. The battery of H2N is also rechargeable while the H2 just could not. Then, on the design of the device, the H2 is much heavier than the H2N. That is also larger and thicker. There is also more microphones in much more quality for the H2 recorder.

Zoom H2 Vs H2N

Zoom H2Zoom H2N
Key features- W-XY mic patterns with 4 mic capsules and signal processing allows Front 90 cardioid, Rear 120 cardioid and 360 polar patterns - Finally record 360 sound as 2ch data or 4ch data simultaneously - Built-in USB 2.0 port for data storage - Records in WAV 96kHz/48kHz/44.1kHz at 16-bit or 24-bit, MP3 to 320kbps and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) data formats - Time Stamp and Track Marker functions in Broadcast WAV Format (BWF)- Over 20 hours of operation using two standard AA batteries - Key Control, A-B Repeat, File Dividing, Normalize, MP3 Post-Encode, Marker and Surround Mixer - Additional functions include Lo-cut Filter, Compressor/Limiter, Auto Gain, Pre-Rec, Auto-Rec, Tuner, Metronome, Variable Speed Playback - Records in WAV up to 24-bit/96kHz and MP3 up to 320kbps

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Customer Rating4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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So, from the comparison above that we have made, there is the conclusion which you can make. Overall, actually the H2N looks so interesting but from the reviews of the users, we can conclude that Zoom H2 is said to be the best one. Of course, that is because it is much handier with the H2N one since it will be brought anywhere. Besides of that the quality on recording is much better. Then, many users also choose the Zoom H2 than H2N one.

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