WD Red vs WD Black

Choosing the right hard drive can become a very challenging task, owing to the many models you need to sort through, each of them bearing different specifications and features varying advantages. Such that, deciding between a Western Digital Red and Western Digital Black is not a piece of cake, especially if you are not familiar with the best features and specific advantages over the other. So let’s match up the powers of WD Red vs Black to identify individual capabilities that can make every computer geeks and commuters proud.

WD Red vs WD Black

WD Red vs Black Product Features

Western Digital Red.Comparing WD Red vs Black, you will find out that the Western Digital Red offers expanded NAS solutions especially to people who prefers next generation storage systems experience for their home or office networks. WD Red hard drives are specifically designed and tested to be compatible with the unique environments of a 24 x 7 operating network that demands for a stable home and small office NAS system. It also significantly improves NAS storage performance owing to its exclusive, built-in NASware technology, thereby reducing common hard drive concerns in the NAS environments such as reliability, upgradeability, integration and ownership costs. Such issues are often experienced with a hard drive designed for desktop computers.

Western Digital Black. The Western Digital Black boasts a rock-solid architecture and a dual processor speed that gives maximum performance ideal for power computing. Comparisons between WD Red vs Black reveal that WD Black is specifically built to take advantage of itsagile performance and capacity resulting in an increased data precision and superior responsiveness taking you to evolve to the next level of high definition. Featuring a StableTrac technology, WD Black confidently stabilizes inside platters, resulting to the added precision and heightened performance during read and write operations.

Other Individual Advantages of WD Red vs Black

Western Digital Red. WD Red allows you to store tons of valuable utilities and back-up owing to its powerful 3 TB storage capacity. Furthermore, copying of large image and video files as well as game files becomes much more agile as it features 7200 RPM rotation speed.You can also sort through the multitudes of files rapidly as it is equipped with 64 MB buffer size in addition to the 600Mbps data transfer rate, making every writing and reading operations much faster.It is also very easy to install because of its SATA interface and it also provides for ready access to stored data because of its network-attached storage system.

Western Digital Black. With WD Black, you can store your entire family’s home movie and MP3 favorites as it is capable of storing 500GB to 4 TB files. Its 7200 RPM also allows you to load your favorite games quickly that will further enable you to relish on the rapid file searching ability of the Black’s 600 Mbps external data transfer rate. It can also be installed with ease because of its SATA interface system, giving easy access to large data files.

Comparisons and Conclusions

If we do a WD Red vs Black analysis, by looking at the individual features and functionality, we can say that the WD Red and Black are in a tight race.

The Red for instance, sports a network-attached storage system that gives you more storage capacity to network devices. The Black on the other hand, allows you to capture unlimited images because it has a larger memory capacity.

In terms of their speed performance and external data transfer rate, both products are also in equal footing, giving users outstanding rotation speeds and large buffer sizes. Consequently, both products has its own shining feature that will ravish even the computer geniuses.

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Choosing between the two is more dependent to the individual preference and specific needs of the users. If you are looking for storage capacity, then WD Black is the runaway winner. But if you are looking for a dependable storage for your 24/7 network, clearly WD Red edges over the competition.


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