Waste King vs InSinkErator

Waste King and InSinkErator are two major brands that people usually choose for a reliable garbage disposal. Both are known for their advanced features and exceptional quality, and both will help you keep your kitchen clean. In this article, we will see the comparison between Waste King vs InSinkErator to help you choose the right garbage disposal for your home.

What we will discuss in this article include:
– The design and build quality of each model
– The distinctive features of Waste King and InSinkErator
– Which model that is easier to use and maintain
– The noise comparison of Waste King vs InSinkErator
– The power and performance of each model
– The warranty that comes with each garbage disposal
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

Product Lines
First of all, let’s take a look at the product lines available in each brand. The different product lines are designed for different kinds of installation. So, it is important to know the differences of these product lines of Waste King vs InSinkErator. See also: Fluke 115 vs 117.

Waste King has two product lines, which are 3-Bolt Mount System and EZ Mount System. The 3-Bolt Mount System is the old line which still uses a traditional mount. It is somehow more difficult to install, but experienced plumbers may find it familiar. The EZ Mount System is features a new, modern mount that is generally easier to install.

InSinkErator also has two product lines. They are Badger and Evolution. The Badger series is the classic line that is familiar for most people. It has been around since the emergence of garbage disposal units, and it is still popular in these days. The Evolution series is the modern, renovated, and fully featured line. There is also a garbage disposal specially designed for a home that has a septic system.

Build Quality
The body of a Waste King garbage disposal is made from plastic. The mounting flange is also plastic. The build quality is generally good. It is certainly solid and durable. However, in general, plastic is not as durable as metal. So, while Waste King has good build quality, it probably isn’t as sturdy as InSinkErator.

The great thing about InSinkErator is that it is made from a better quality material. The mounting flange is made from metal. It is very tough and durable. In addition, it also has better aesthetics, as the metallic construction looks more elegant and stylish.

Size and Grinding Space
Waste King has many different models, but they all have a similar size. They are generally larger than InSinkErator. Because of that, Waste King is not really recommended if the space under your kitchen sink is very limited.

However, if you have enough space for the unit, you may want to consider this model because of the larger grinding space. Obviously, the larger size the unit means that it has more grinding space, and the extra grinding space will allow you to dispose more waste at once.

InSinkErator is especially great if you are looking for a compact garbage disposal. All InSinkErator models are more compact than Waste King’s. Some models are slightly smaller, with a height of about 13 inches. Some models are slightly above 13 inches. So, if the area under your kitchen sink is congested, an InSinkErator garbage disposal can be a perfect solution.

One nice thing about Waste King is that it comes with a power cord. It has an integrated power cord, so the installation is easy and straightforward. You don’t need to purchase a separate power cord.

The strange thing about InSinkErator is that it does not come with a power cord. This is often complained by the buyers who didn’t know they had to buy a power cord separately. You need to spend a few more dollars to get a power cord. Actually, the additional cost isn’t really huge, and the installation is actually easy and simple. That’s just the need to purchase a power cord separately that is a little inconvenient.

One very important feature of a garbage disposal is the reset button. It is some sort of an emergency button when your unit gets stuck or jammed. Ideally, the reset button should be placed in a place that is easy to reach, such as the front of the unit. Waste King has it on the front, but InSinkErator has it on the bottom.

The next thing to consider when choosing between Waste King vs InSinkErator is the quietness of the operation. Excessive noise is incredibly annoying, especially at night.

The old Badger models from InSinkErator are really loud. The noise is seriously irritating. Meanwhile, Waste King garbage disposals do make some noise, but they are quite more tolerable.

If you want the quietest garbage disposal ever, consider InSinkErator’s Evolution models. They are much quieter. They only make light humming sound when working.

Power and Performance
In terms of power, Waste King and InSinkErator are similar. Both brands have powerful motors which can kitchen waste effortlessly. You should choose a garbage disposal based on how much waste that you frequently deal with. A more powerful unit can take care of more waste more quickly.

However, Waste King doesn’t have the multiple grinding stage technology. It only has a standard one-stage grinding mechanism. If the waste is not cut small enough, the debris may get stuck and block your drainage. In addition, some people have complained that Waste King’s splash guard prevents the water form draining quickly, but cutting the rubber sides a little bit can do the trick.

The latest models from InSinkErator come with the multiple grinding stage technology. It performs grinding multiple times to ensure that the waste is cut small enough to pass through the drainage. So, it is significantly less likely to get stuck. InSinkErator has a good splash guard design that allows water to pass quickly.

In terms of warranty, Waste King is definitely better. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It brings a real peace of mind, as you know that your unit is protected from defects without time limitation.

InSinkErator’s warranty timeframes vary from model to model. There are some models that are warrantied for 4 years, and the longest warranty available is 7 years. While the warranty isn’t bad at all, it still doesn’t compare to Waste King’s lifetime warranty.

Waste King vs InSinkErator

- The 1 HP, 2800 RPM (115v) permanent magnet motor is sound-insulated and jams less
- Lifetime Limited In-Home Warranty.Current-Amps: 7.0. HZ: 60. Bearings - Permanently Lubricated : Sleeve Type
- Pre-installed power cord, no electrical work required
- Compact and lightweight garbage disposer with all stainless steel grind components
- SoundSeal Technology which delivers quieter performance versus a standard disposer
- MultiGrind Technology , with two-stage grind to quickly grind virtually any food waste
- 34.6 oz. Stainless steel grind chamber and grind components for longevity
- 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor; power cord not included

Choosing between these two options is indeed difficult because they each have distinctive advantages. However, in the end, InSinkErator is more recommended. InSinkErator has a better build quality and is generally more compact. It has multiple grinding stages to ensure that the unit will never get stuck, and the modern models work very quietly.

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