Waste King L-2600 vs Badger 5

Cooking at home also comes at cost, not only we have to prepare them from scratch, we also need to deal with the waste from vegetables or other foods used before and after dining. To ease your job in disposing the waste, Waste King L-2600 vs Badger 5 are two good medium garbage disposer we can install under the sink. If you are also eyeing these models, go check what they can offer below to see which the better option is to pick.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a garbage disposer
– What are Waste King L-2600 and Badger 5
– What Waste King L-2600 and Badger 5 Look Like
– How much Power Waste King L-2600 and Badger 5 can provide
– What are the Material for Waste King L-2600 and Badger 5 Grinding Chamber
– Waste King L-2600 vs Badger 5

Garbage Disposer
With the increasing concern against health due to the modern and busy lifestyle, many people and families are starting to adopt a healthier life started by a homemade foods. It has been long known that fast foods are high in calories and can cause various diseases if consumed in a prolonged time. To gain a healthier life, we can start making food at home and crafting our favorite foods from scratch so we can pay attention on the nutrition as well.

Cooking at home can be time consuming, moreover, if you have picky family member especially children so we have to be creative when using various ingredients to make sure getting a balanced diet. Making our own food can be very entertaining, moreover, if you like cooking and trying new obtained recipe but, we also have to deal with the cleaning up before and later after done dining since there must be some waste from the vegetables or meats and other material from the cooking process.

This waste need to be thrown out in a trash bin as well depend on how you manage the garbage in the house but, food waste tend to rot fast so we have to clean the trash bin frequently. If you are not fond of doing the cleaning often, we can rely on waste disposer which is made to ease job around the kitchen. Just like the name, they are used to help user dispose their waste like vegetables leaf and stem so we can flush them directly into the drain pipe.

Without a garbage disposer, we should not throw any solids into the sink since not only it will plug your sink, in certain amount it will also block the waste pipe in your house and it will need a plumbing work to deal with. This type of machine used in both common houses and commercial establishment to lessen the work. The machine looks like a tube we have to connect between the sink and waste pipe; many people can install them themselves but some people may need plumber help.

While it looks like to work similarly as a blender, a waste or garbage disposer actually doesn’t have any blade inside so rather than chopping the waste into fine pieces, the process is more like shredding them into the stationary shredder on the grinding chamber wall. The most popular model can work continuously as the user stuff more waste inside while the less used model need to be activated once and work once at a time. Depend on users’ taste, both of them are equally helpful.

About Waste King L-2600
If you already making up the mind and decide to install a garbage disposer, now is the time to see what the market has to offer but, since there are so many options out there, picking one can be a little bit confusing. However, if you want to save more time, we can see what the highest rated models to make sure they are high-quality and reliable for they need to last years before replacing. One of the best option when it comes to disposer is Waste King. See also: Waste King vs InSinkErator.

We are sure many people are already familiar as well with the brand because they are among the most popular and for various users, this manufacturer is offering different models with different price range, power, and size so we can pick the one fit our need the most. For those who are living in a house with family, their L-2600 is a nice model to get because not only it is fairly affordable, the material and motor are also dependable.

It has been around for quite some time already and due to its quality, people are still using them even today to replace their old units. When choosing L-2600, what we can rest assure are power, durability, efficient grinding, and simple installation process.

Waste King L-2600 Design
From the outside, this model looks like any other garbage disposer out there with no special feature from the outside. It is rather simple with a white finish and small enough to fit in common house’s sink. It is measured about 13.62-inch in height and 6.8-inch wide weighing at 8.6 pounds. It comes with all the accessories needed to install the unit but we will still need some tools to complete the process. In case the product wear faster, it offered 5-year limited warranty at home.

Waste King L-2600 Motor
The most important part when looking for a garbage disposer today is probably the power or motor because it indicates how much the machine can work for us and in this part, L-2600 from Waste King is coming with ½ HP permanent magnet power. This much of power should be enough for a regular family with around 2-4 people inside the house and this motor is providing 2600 RPM to quickly mash your waste into fine pieces so we can put more waste and flush them quickly.

Waste King L-2600 Grinding Chamber
As for the grinding chamber, the interior of this garbage disposer is made from stainless steel to make sure the parts are able to last for years to come but, we still have to avoid putting any hard materials inside like metal since it can damage the internal parts. In addition, this model is acceptably quiet because while the machine is not noise-less or have specially noise insulating technology, it is not very noisy as well. For safety, there is a reset button that will shut off the machine in case of overload or jam.

About Badger 5
Because there are so many good options out there, it is wise to see what the other brand is offering. You may want to compare them and see which one of them offering a better feature or more affordable in price. If you like the L-2600 from Waste King, chances you will also love the Badger 5 from InsinkErator. This name is among the best yet won’t ask much for there are various items on the catalogue for different household and the model in our article today is also coming with 1/5 HP motor.

The InsinkErator brand has a big history by being founded by John W. Hammes who is the inventor of garbage disposer, making the unit for his wife back then in 1927. It is popular for providing our kitchen with both durable and reliable for many since they are offering different products in different price range.

Badger 5 Design
As opposed to L-2600 which is covered in white coating, the Badger 5 is stainless steel in black finish. This unit can be installed in regular kitchen sink or prep sink as long as there is enough space since it is not very tall at 12-inch while the body is about 7-inch wide. The box it comes with will not be too heavy as well for a fairly small disposer which is weighing at 14 pounds and if you worried about the unit quality, InsinkErator is offering 2 year in home limited warranty.

Badger 5 Motor
As it has been mentioned above, this garbage disposer is coming with ½ HP DuraDrive Technology (1725 rpm) which is the company’s patented technology to deliver a reliable amount of power so we can get a fast working machine and dispose waste quickly as well as effectively. It does vibrates when activated but before something is entering the grinding chamber, the noise will be kept at very low and we can only feel the slight vibrations. This enough power should be enough to accommodate even a small family daily kitchen waste.

Badger 5 Grinding Chamber
For the grinding chamber, Badger 5 is providing 26 oz. grinding chamber and the shredder inside is made from stainless steel for longevity but the rest of the chamber is made from galvanized steel that is common in affordable models. It may not as good as full stainless-steel but should be able to last long at least few years before needing a new replacement. In addition it has jam buster wrench to deal with overload or jam.

Now, let’s compare Waste King L-2600 with Badger 5. As you may already know, they are similarly have the same ½ HP but the first is more powerful in term of providing a fast grinding (2600 vs 1725 rpm). The L-2600 is also slightly taller than the latter and it is featured with manual reset button so unlike the Badger 5 which is utilizing wrench, the way we deal with jam in this disposer is by using a broom or stick to unseat the jam by entering them through the throat.

Waste King L-2600 vs Badger 5

- HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: The 1/2 HP, 2600 rpm (115v) permanent magnet motor jams less
- EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: EZ Mount for a quick and easy kitchen sink installation, removable splashguard for easy cleaning
- 5 YEAR PROTECTION: 5-year Limited Warranty. Current-Amps- 4.5
- NO ELECTRICAL EXPERTISE NEEDED: Pre-installed power cord, no electrical work required
- RELIABLE & EASY INSTALL: Badger Series disposers are a reliable & functional choice when affordability is the prime concern, and features a compact, space-saving design that fits existing InSinkErator hardware for a quick and easy install.
- DURABLE COMPONENTS: This garbage disposal features our exclusive 1/2 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor and long lasting galvanized steel components to ensure a dependable grind for everyday food scraps.
- AMERICA'S #1 DISPOSER BRAND: There are more American-built InSinkErator garbage disposals in US homes than all other brands combined. A full line of models means there's one right for every need and budget.
- FASTER, CLEANER, SMARTER: From meal prep to cleanup, InSinkErator helps make it fast & easy to keep your kitchen clean with our iconic appliances: garbage disposals & instant hot water dispensers.

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because both of them are equally helpful and will dispose various waste in your kitchen quickly. However, if we are to choose, we recommend people to pick the Badger 5 because it is providing a method to undo the jam from the outside through the hex wrench at the bottom center so we don’t have to access the grinding chamber.

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