Thule Vs Yakima Bike Rack

The debate between the best bike rack in the industry is never ending. With factors like variety, simplicity of installation, failure of spoiling the car and the design being an issue, bike rack lovers have a reason to support their model choices. Two of the most competitive bike rack industry is Yakima and Thule. There are a few factors to consider before purchasing a bike rack. Although the two bike racks company produce quite similar bike racks, here is a comparison between the Yakima bike rack vs Thule bike rack.

Thule Vs Yakima Bike RackDesign : The design of the bicycle rack is very different depending on the type of car you have. When it comes to Thule circular bars, they don’t roll back on the snowboard rack but for the Yakima circular bars, they always roll over no matter how hard you tighten them. The rectangular bars for both Thule and Yakima are usually the same but also depends on the car that one is using. The disadvantage with Thule rectangular bars is that you have to use Thule rails to mount them on the roof. However, Yakima rails usually use both Thule and Yakima bars.

Material : When it comes to the square bars, the Thule square bars are actually easier to mount on it. However, the bars of the bike rack tend to bow down in the middle. This is because of the thickness of the wall of the bars. They are too thin. The Yakima bars are usually heavy duty. However, the end caps usually break easy.

Thule Vs Yakima Bike Rack

Thule Bike RackYakima Bike Rack
Best Seller ModelThule Passage Trunk Mount CarrierYakima Double Down Ace 4 Hitch Bike Rack
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When all is said and done, there are two things to consider regardless of the brand you decide to go with. Stick to the brand that you have chosen in order to use the same lock cores. This is because each brand has a different lock. The type of car that you have will determine which type of bike rack that you should choose.

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