Steelbird SBA 1 vs Studds Shifter

Helmets at many occasions can save us from more serious head injuries or fatal impact and as long as the product meets standard, we can wear any model including the cool-looking Steelbird SBA 1 Vs Studds Shifter. These are very affordable, stylish helmets that you can get without digging in too deep but can still ride with ease. For those who are also eyeing these models, go check what they can offer below and pick your option based on what fits you the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a Motorbike Helmet
  • What are Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter
  • What Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Look Like
  • How are the Safety Rating of Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter
  • How are the Construction of Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter
  • How are the Ventilation Performance of Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter
  • What else Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter can offer
  • Steelbird SBA 1 Vs Studds Shifter

Choosing a Motorbike Helmet

Imagine riding a motorbike without a helmet, well, it is indeed breezy but not the type of risk we will take just to enjoy the wind. Motorbikes are not the safest vehicle out there and the fact that many of us are riding them for fun increases the risk of any possible accidents that may happen on the road. We are sure no matter how extreme you ride, none of us are happy with a casted leg or staying in the hospital for fractured skull.

If you are here then it means we are on the same page but while all of us understand how important a helmet is, how about the selection of tons of models out there. Bike helmets are available widely from different brands to different models which makes the shopping very overwhelming and complicated at times. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t simplify them because depending on your personal needs, our own favorite helmets can be different to each other such as the one made for daily commuting or those made for touring.

  • Helmet Types

There are various different helmet types, in general you can find full face, dual sport, half-shell, modular, and open face helmet. The choice is highly dependent on your preference because we can wear any of them and it is more of a style rather than application because extreme riders will most likely pick the full-face or dirt bike rider will choose the one with extended chin-protection. For commuters, any model can go well as long as you count the comfort level too.

  • Helmet Construction

Not all helmets are made from the same polycarbonate shell but this is indeed the most popular being used now. In addition there are those made from fiberglass composite which shows flexes, crushes, and split when experiencing an impact. Carbon fiber is the most expensive choice, often found on sporting helmets with features that distribute energy upon impact. After these hard shells, their inside is layered with EPS foam in pretty good density to absorb the impact in case you fall down.

  • Helmet and Sizing

Helmet as safety gear needs to snug well on your head to be able to deliver the best protection when we have an accident. A smaller helmet feels uncomfortable and there is not enough room for the system to work properly while bigger helmet will not stay in place when experiencing an impact which is why fit matters. To know your head size put a measuring tape around the head for about half an inch above the eyebrow and above the ears to measure the largest point.

About Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter

Now if you have already decided to go with which helmets to go and know the sizing, it is the time to see what the market has to offer. While our head measurement is correct, companies may have different standards for their range of sizes which is why it is better to check the numbers rather than just matching the alphabetical code. Additionally, shopping based on the budget can save us the hassle of checking each helmet available at the store.

For those who are deciding to spend only a few, our options might be limited but there are still tons of them and among those many options, Steelbird and Studds will be two of the most ideal brands to shop from. These brands are indeed not very popular here in the U.S. but when it is about quality, they are not far from most affordable helmets in the market while also paying some attention to look, in case their design matter for your shopping.

These companies seem to carry lots of helmets in the catalogue with slight differences to one another and for the budget shopper, two of the cheapest models we can consider are Steelbird SBA 1 and Shifter from Studds. These helmets are very much similar to each other. As a full-face style they are offering adequate protection to the face area yet can be a little bit heavier on the prolonged wear. The SBA 1 in our article today is their original model and not the HF version.

The more expensive Steelbird SBA 1 HF is meant for riders who are going on tour with their team or pals because it boasts the hands-free functionality yet, it is still fairly affordable in comparison to many similar options from other brands. The Shifter Décor D1 in our sample from Studds itself is one of the most loved helmets in the entry-level which is a variant from the original Shifter but now it has a more attractive and complex pattern, similar to the D2 but with a different design.

Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Design

Side by side these helmets are very similar to any full-face models out there with a little bit of details different here and there, prominently on the chin vents featured in Steelbird. Some of you who are not fond of graphical design in helmets, there are some variants with single color only such as the original Shifter helmet and the SB 1 Sparkle but we personally like the texture on the helmet and in our opinion these designs look great for sporty riders.

They have a different visor and depending on your taste, here you can choose the full black cover or transparent lid. If the sellers carry the complete line, chances you will also find them on different sizing options but since Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter are an Indian brands, their sizing ranges may differ from what we have here and in general there are M (570mm), L (580mm), and XL (600mm). 

Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Safety Ratings

The first thing you may want to keep in mind when purchasing these helmets is since they are not made here in the U.S. nor by an American brand, their standardization will be different as well. People are familiar with DOT and ECE22.05 which are used in the U.S. and the European region but both of them are rated with ISI recognized by BSI. This can be a problem if your state requires a motorist to wear a helmet that fulfills certain standards for you may get fined.

Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Construction 

Moving further, let’s see the construction of these helmets and starting with the Steelbird, this helmet is made with High Impact ABS Material Shell combined with multi-layer EPS foam which is pretty high in density. What’s good is the buckle of this helmet is meeting the European Standards already. As for the Studds helmet, this model is claimed to be injected with high impact thermoplastic for extra protection while the EPS liner itself is also engineered and regulated to achieve the best energy absorbing across different impacts.

Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Ventilation

The next important part in a helmet including motorbike helmet is the ventilation because we will be wearing them under different weather and while the rainy season is not an issue for most of us, riding on the highway at summer does escalates the heat quickly. To make sure you can be at ease while riding, Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter are featured with adequate vents that take the air from the front vents and circulate it inside then flow the heat and moisture through the exhaust ports.

Studds is coming with a set of vents at the temple area and Steelbird adds another on the chin bar as well. Both of them are not very breezy like modular helmets but they are very comfortable, probably because of the padding that absorbs moisture well combined with some air going through the vents.

Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter Features

The last point we want to talk about is their additional features and what we love from these helmets is the fact that their inner liners are removable. This way you can replace it when needed for example changing to a new pad due to tear or when they are no longer comfortable. There is however, no information whether these pads are washable or not because you may want to clean it from time to time especially for those living in a fairly warm area.

Steelbird SBA 1 vs Studds Shifter

Both of them are an amazing choice if you are going to shop for a little budget but, quality wise Steelbird SBA 1 and Studds Shifter are very much similar to each other both on the comfort and durable construction. The prominent difference is probably only how Steelbird put additional vents on the unit to increase the airflow inside making the helmet even more comfortable during summer riding.

- Good quality
- Long lasting
- Easy to use
-,Certification: ISI Certified
- Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic
- Unpainted special textured outer shell finish provides scratch resistance
- Multiposition articulating optically true injected polycarbonate visor duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance properties
- ISI-approved helmet


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All in all you can pick any of these helmets as long as their standardization is accepted in your state or country but if we have to choose one, the Steelbird SBA 1 is our favorite helmet because it is breezier.  


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