Shoulder Dolly Vs Forearm Forklift

So, apparently you have heard about the lifting and moving system. A lifting and moving system is ultimately a breakthrough invention. Though mostly simple in design and concept, a lifting and moving system tremendously helps people to lift and move heavy objects. Ah, you need to re-place your large couch to another room? Get a partner and use a lifting and moving system. The job will be done without a hitch. Currently, there are two most popular products on the market, Shoulder Dolly and Forearm Forklift. If you are uncertain about which product that you should purchase between the two or simply looking for a comparison between the two, you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to talk about the differences between Shoulder Dolly and Forearm Forklift.

Shoulder Dolly Vs Forearm Forklift

Though both products are lifting and moving systems, you need to be aware that they are very different from each other. They use very different methods to perform a similar task. As hinted by the names, Shoulder Dolly relies on your shoulder’s strength while Forearm Forklift utilizes your arm. With Shoulder Dolly, you will need to equip a piece on your body that will be connected to the lifting strap. With Forearm Forklift, the supportive piece is equipped on your forearm. Comparing the two designs, Shoulder Dolly is actually much better than Forearm Forklift. Why? First, the power of your body is much stronger than the power of your forearms. You can take up heavy things with less effort by using Shoulder Dolly. Unless you have very strong arms, you will still find difficulties to lift heavy objects using Forearm Forklift. Second, Shoulder Dolly’s design allows for more stability than Forearm Forklift. The center of gravity is placed better by Shoulder Dolly, so the object will not easily fall down.

Besides that, Shoulder Dolly is designed smartly so that your hands will be entirely free to move. You can use your hands to hold the object and keep it in its place. Meanwhile, Forearm Forklift does not exactly allow you to do the same because your hands will be affected by your arms trying to keep balance of the object. Both models use heavy-duty nylon for optimum durability.

Shoulder Dolly Vs Forearm Forklift

Shoulder DollyForearm Forklift
BrandShoulder DollyForearm Forklift
Key features- The ShoulderDolly recognized the need for your arms to be unconstrained. - The ShoulderDolly uses a one strap design to allow for exact placement of the lifting strap. - lift items up to 9' in length- Forklift lifting and moving straps - Adjustable up to 48" - Heavy duty nylon - Forearm lifting straps reduces weight - Adjustable up to 48 inches - Heavy-duty nylon - 2 adjustable, leverage straps

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So, between Shoulder Dolly and Forearm Forklift, you should choose Shoulder Dolly. Heavy objects can be handled much easier by Shoulder Dolly, also with more stability.

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