Sena SMH10R Vs SMH10

Sena SMH10 and Sena SMH10R are both Bluetooth intercom headsets that will allow you to perform various things, from listening to music to answering phone calls, while riding a motorcycle. Both models have been specifically made for bikers’ helmets. However, Sena SMH10 and Sena SMH10R have significant differences that set them apart. Each of them excels for different needs and preferences. Besides, right now Sena SMH10R is slightly more expensive than Sena SMH10, although the price difference can change as the time goes. Continue reading below to understand better about these nice Bluetooth headsets.

Sena SMH10R Vs SMH10

These two headsets have very different designs. Sena SMH10 is more like your typical headset or intercom. It has a pair of ear buds that you need to attach, a small compartment that contains the battery and Bluetooth transmitter, and a boom mic. You can control the volume level using the jog dial. On the other hand, Sena SMH10R’s device has been designed to clamp on the helmet, having a significantly smaller form factor. The battery is not put on the main device; instead, the battery is put on a special pack that is meant to be mounted on the back of the helmet. There are three buttons on the device, which are the plus button, center button, and minus button. You can play music, track forward, and track backward just using these onboard buttons.

Both Sena SMH10 and Sena SMH10R connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They operate using the universal intercom protocol, allowing for cross-brand intercom compatibility. Each of them features a four-way conference intercom capability, allowing you to communicate with your friends while you all riding as well as to share music with them all.

Both models have excellent performance. They have similarly high sound quality. They both deliver music and voice with superb clarity. The sounds are accurate and detailed. Both models also have excellent mics. Their mics are very effective in eliminating noise. People in your calls will not believe that you are riding a bike when answering their calls, considering how quiet and clear the mic captures your voice. Both models have rechargeable batteries; Sena SMH10 can give up to 12 hours of talk time or 10 days of standby time, whereas Sena SMH10R can only give up to 10 hours of talk time or 9 days of standby time.

Sena SMH10R Vs SMH10

Sena SMH10RSena SMH10
Key features- The Sena 10R features a four-way conference intercom capability. This feature also allows intercom participants to join cell phone conference calls - Operation of the Sena 10R is controlled by the Bluetooth handlebar remote that is easy to install- Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists--up to 900 meters (980 yards) - Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to listen to and share music, make phone calls with speed dialing, and participate in a four-way intercom conversation

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Considering that the two have equally excellent sound quality and performance, we recommend you to choose Sena SMH10 for the better battery life. But, feel free to choose Sena SMH10R if you prefer the compact design instead.

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