Scotts EZ Seed Vs Pennington Smart Seed

You are now looking for the best grass seed that can easily grow even in the toughest environmental condition. Right now, there are several all-in-one products that combine seed, mulch, and fertilizer into one neat package. This way, you only need to plant the seed and water it regularly everyday, without having to worry about the soil nutrients required for the grass to grow. Two popular products are Scotts EZ Seed and Pennington Smart Seed. Since their manufacturers continuously compete against each other to win the market, which is the one that you better choose?

Scotts EZ Seed Vs Pennington Smart Seed

Amount of Seed
Since an all-in-one product combines seed with mulch and fertilizer, the actual amount of the seed becomes lower than the traditional grass seed product. Usually, an all-in-one product can only cover half the area that can be covered by the traditional seed. Nevertheless, both Scotts EZ Seed and Pennington Smart Seed are all-in-one products, but Pennington Smart Seed actually has more seed than Scotts EZ Seed. As the effect, Pennington Smart Seed may be able to grow a wider area and creates denser grass than Scotts EZ Seed.

However, Scotts EZ Seed is not without an advantage. The thing that Scotts EZ Seed boasts is the mulch. It claims that it has mulch of better quality than Pennington Smart Seed. The mulch of Scotts EZ Seed is said to be able to hold more water. It even can absorb water as much as six times its own weight. Such amazing feature is very beneficial for faster germination.

Still, Pennington Smart Seed has a special feature of its own. Pennington Smart Seed is coming with the exclusive MYCO Advantage & Pentoke technology that enables the grass to have resistance against diseases and insects. The grass also has great drought tolerance, which means that the grass will stay healthy even during the hotter summer days.

Putting both products into some testing, Scotts EZ Seed has proven that it is indeed able to germinate faster than Pennington Smart Seed, though the difference is only for one day. Still, the fast germination can be beneficial to people who need to grow some greens fast. On the other hand, though, Pennington Smart Seed is able to grow a wider area. Both products are able to grow in sunny and shady areas.

Scotts EZ Seed Vs Pennington Smart Seed

Scotts EZ SeedPennington Smart Seed
Key features- Grows anywhere! Guaranteed (Subject to proper care) - New and improved formula reduces seed wash-away - For sunny, densely shaded, or high traffic areas - Absorbs 6X its weight in water- Produces a thick, fine-bladed, dark blue-green lawn - Very good drought tolerance - Good disease and insect resistance - Contains improved seed varieties that thrive in sun and shade

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If you need to grow your grass fast, then Scotts EZ Seed is your better bet. Otherwise, you should choose Pennington Smart Seed, whose resistance to diseases and insects can be great and convenient for the long run.

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