Sauna Vs Steam Room

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of people going for saunas and steam rooms. They’re not only doing this for relaxation but also for detoxifying their bodies. Both saunas and steam rooms have their own pros and cons, so understanding what’s best can be confusing. The real question that you should be asking yourself is – what would work best for you?

Sauna Vs Steam Room

The Detoxification Debate

Now, when it comes to the whole idea of detoxification, one needs to analyze whether saunas and steam rooms actually help you detoxify. Without doubt, the answer is no – they don’t. The truth is that they are not capable of removing any toxins from your body. Yes, the high amount of heat does make you sweat, but there is no real evidence that shows that toxins are excreted from your skin with the sweat.

Sauna vs Steam Room: The Real Difference

One of the biggest difference between both is that sauna mostly gives out dry heat, where the temperatures can go as high as 200 degree Fahrenheit. In comparison, steam room provides heat that is predominantly moist and has a much lower temperature of 100 to 130 degree Fahrenheit. This means that you will end up sweating much more if you sit in a steam room because of the high level of humidity, which stops the sweat from evaporating. If you’re thinking in terms of hygiene, then saunas are better because steam rooms happen to be a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria due to their moist environment.

The Benefits they Offer

Sauna vs steam room – both of them are known to help you relax and let go. In addition to this, they also make it easy to sooth your strained muscles after exercising. However, if you have a high blood pressure or history of heart disease then you should avoid going to either of them. Even pregnant women should stay away from saunas and steam rooms. It’s recommended that you consult your doctor before you go out there and expose yourself to such warm temperatures.


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In the end, saunas clearly win over steam rooms. They’re not only hygienic, but also help you achieve better relaxation. When visiting a sauna, don’t forgot to take a bottle of water along with you so that you don’t feel dehydrated. Also, it’s always good to protect your feet against fungi and bacteria by wearing flip flops. Above all, when you’re investing in a visit to a sauna, try and make the most of it. Relax, unwind and let go of any stress.

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