Samsung CF398 Vs CF591

Samsung has jazzed up the competition even further by introducing two beautiful curved monitors into the market, Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591. These two curved monitors offer great performance and features that make them suitable for various entertainment purposes, from watching the Saturday night’s movies to gaming. So, which model should you pick? Below, we put the comparisons between Samsung CF398 vs CF591 to help you decide.

What’s with Curved Monitors?
If you are still wondering whether curved monitors are worth the money, let’s see first what these curved monitors have to offer. First of all, monitors should have been curved in the first place. By curving the screen, the monitor can respond to the natural curvature of the eye, effectively matching the field of view and providing the ideal ergonomics. You will enjoy a much more immersive visual experience, as if the actions are happening in reality. Secondly, curved monitors often offer enhanced brightness and contrast levels as well as reduced light leakage. In other words, these curved monitors will spoil your eyes with captivating colors and figures. Combined with a fast response time, you will be given life-like images!

If you put Samsung CF398 vs CF591 side by side, you can see that they have quite different designs. On one hand, we have Samsung CF398. It has a black frame, and the foot is perhaps the most apparent physical distinction. It has an almost flat V-like foot that extends with quite a length horizontally. It is great if you need to get some free space in front of the monitor. Nevertheless, the black frame appears elegant paired with the curved monitor.It is slightly lighter, and is VESA mountable.

On the other hand, we have Samsung CF591. In contrast with Samsung CF398, Samsung CF591 comes with a silver frame. And unlike Samsung CF398, Samsung CF591 has a foot that extends forward to create a circular base. Such design is good if you don’t have much space in the horizontal direction, but some people hate seeing the protruding foot in front of their monitor. Nevertheless, it looks modern and contemporary.

Both monitors have a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Both also have a matte screen, which is a great option if you don’t want to get glares and light reflections on your monitor. Matte screens resists glares and light reflections well. Just make sure that you don’t scratch them because matte screens are prone to scratches.

When choosing between Samsung CF398 vs CF591, you also have to consider what types of connectors that you are going to use. Of course, the trend today is HDMI, so obviously both Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 are equipped with HDMI ports.

However, some desktop setups are still relying on VGA for some particular reasons. You can spend some extra bucks in order to get a VGA-to-HDMI adapter, or buy a monitor that supports both HDMI and VGA without spending some extra bucks. If you need VGA, Samsung CF591 is the way to go, as Samsung CF398 does not support VGA.

Neither comes with DVI, unfortunately. So they can’t connect to some mobile devices and portable gaming platforms that solely rely on DVI for external display. But both models do support DisplayPort, which is a nice connection that enables the computer to send not only video but also audio, USB, and other forms of data. It also allows you to set up multiple video outputs using just a single DisplayPort connector.

Should a display monitor come with a built-in speaker? People’s opinions are greatly divided in this matter. But, the truth is the truth; dedicated external speakers will always give better audio performance than built-in ones. However, having a built-in speaker does not hurt, either. It can be your temporary backup when your primary speakers experience a problem.

Samsung CF591 comes with a built-in speaker, making it quite a good value for the money. Even though the audio performance is nothing seriously impressive, it is usable. Samsung CF398, on the other hand, does not have any built-in speaker. But both models have audio output ports, so you can easily plug a bookshelf speaker to the monitor if you really want to.

Now, this is probably the section that you’ve been waiting for. Samsung CF398 vs CF591, performance compared. As a matter of fact, these two 27” monitors have the same native resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). Both also have similar brightness and contrast levels. You can expect similarly deep, vibrant colors from both monitors. Try battling Ornstein and Smough on either of these two monitors, and you will see what “vivid” means.

Both Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 are also equipped with the AMD FreeSync technology, which enables superior frame rate performance even during the fastest moving scenes. The AMD FreeSync technology is able to greatly minimize input latency and reduce image tearing and stutter by dynamically syncing the content’s frame rate with the screen’s. You will experience less motion blur, judder, and ghosting.

Well, the difference between Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 in terms of performance is the maximum refresh rate.Samsung CF398 only has a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is actually sufficient for most games. However, if you are seeking for a new level of smooth, Samsung CF591 is the way to go. It has a maximum refresh rate of 72 Hz. In most cases, you won’t notice much of a difference. But you can definitely see smoother movements and more detailed images on Samsung CF591 in the more demanding parts of the visual.

Samsung CF398Samsung CF591
Key features- Industry leading 1800R screen curvature for immersive viewing - Slim design with high glossy black finish and innovative T-shaped stand - Rapid 4ms response time for a clear picture during fast moving scenes;Multiple connectivity options with Display port and HDMI- 1800R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience - A stylish design featuring a glossy white body with metallic silver finish and sleek curves. - AMD FreeSync minimizes input latency and dramatically reduces image tearing and stutter during gaming.

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Considering that the price difference between Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 is quite marginal, we recommend you to choose Samsung CF591. It has the better value for the money, providing better performance in terms of refresh rate, a built-in speaker which is handy for backup, and better connectivity. With the 72 Hz refresh rate, you will enjoy improved image quality during fast actions. The speaker is not very impressive, but is definitely usable.

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