Ridgid R4512 Vs R4513

Ridgid R4512 or Ridgid R4513? That is most probably the question in your mind right now. Both are popular jobsite-style table saws that people often choose for jobsite applications, such as ripping flooring and trimming pieces. However, Ridgid R4512 is quite more expensive than Ridgid R4513. So, why is the price difference? What are the things that Ridgid R4513 offers that make it worth the money? Or, should you pick the more affordable and budget-friendlier Ridgid R4512? Let’s see below!

Ridgid R4512 Vs R4513

Dimensions and Weight
If you are concerned with the size and weight of the table saw, then you may need to know that Ridgid R4512 is quite larger and beefier than Ridgid R4513. In addition, Ridgid R4512 is also quite significantly heavier than Ridgid R4513. So, for a tight place in a small room, Ridgid R4513 may be more suitable. You will also find that whenever you need to move your table saw, Ridgid R4513 is much more easier to move than Ridgid R4512.

The reason behind the weight difference is largely because of the construction and build quality. Ridgid R4513 has an aluminum construction, which explains its lightweight nature. But Ridgid R4512 has a cast iron table, which is much more rugged and durable despite being significantly heavier. The fence quality on Ridgid R4512 is better than that of Ridgid R4513. Also, Ridgid R4512 is belt driven, whereas Ridgid R4513 has a direct drive motor. So, if you want to prioritize durability and build quality, Ridgid R4512 is the one with the better edge here.

The advantage that Ridgid R4513 offers is the higher motor power. Powered by a 15-amp motor, Ridgid R4513 is able to provide up to 5000 RPM speed. On the other hand, Ridgid R4512 is powered by a 13-amp motor and has a maximum speed of 3450 RPM. But it has a wider ripping capacity as well as higher maximum dado width and diameter. The dust port is also bigger, making the operation cleaner and less messy.

These table saws are decent for jobsite applications. They can be used for ripping flooring and trimming pieces very well. They are not very good for making furniture and doing fine work, though. Despite the lower speed, Ridgid R4512 is actually better than Ridgid R4513 when handling things wider than 13” because of the awful extension table. The extension table is next to useless, as it is not parallel to the rest of the table. Ridgid R4512 does not have such problem.

Ridgid R4512 Vs R4513

Ridgid R4512Ridgid R4513
Key features- 13 Amp motor delivers up to 3450 RPM - Cast iron table minimizes vibration- Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand - CORDED POWER TOOLS

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You definitely should choose Ridgid R4512. It has a better design and features. It is much more reliable.

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