Pressure Cooker Vs Slow Cooker

Pressure cooker vs slow cooker is a common conflict which we often face. We live in a life where every second is very important for us. What happens is, to maintain and manage our work time; we often ignore to take proper food. We start eating whatever is easy to get. As a result of that most of the time we don’t eat homemade foods. Yes, it is important to manage the time but without ignoring the nutrition facts. If you want to cook at home both pressure cooker and slow cooker are good for you. Let’s check out pressure cooker vs slow cooker considering their features.

Pressure Cooker Vs Slow Cooker

Pressure cooker
Pressure cooker is a familiar name and almost everyone knows about it. Pressure cooker is very good for fast cooking. The work procedure of pressure cooker is simple. It’s a heavy metal container with a heavy cover and lead. The process of cooking is very healthy as mostly it needs water. Pressure cooker is very efficient to boil the ingredients in it. After putting the desired ingredients you just need to put the cover on it and shut it with the lock.

When it will get hotter the steam will come out from the ingredients and as the cover is locked it will stay inside the vessel. So no extra water or oil is needed here. When the amount of steam will be high, it will come out from the lead to let you know that your food is ready. Using pressure cooker to prepare food is a healthy and fast process. As the meats and vegetables are cooked in their own juices, all the nutrition values stay in the food, plus using less amount of oil is always an advantage for a good health.

Slow cooker
Here is the new cooking technique that is slow cooker. As we all know slow cooking or roasting is the best way to cook. It may be anything meat or vegetables, slow cooking makes it very tasty and tender. You can even cook food very slow using slow cooker. Suppose you are going to be very busy all day and after coming back home, you know you will be too tired to cook.

So, you can do one thing, you can put all the ingredients into the slow cooker and keep it in the slowest mode. When you come back, your delicious, tasty slow cooked food is ready. Isn’t that time saving? There is another benefit, as the heat is coming really slow, there is no need of attention that is you don’t need to flip it or stir it after an amount of time. So, you can stay busy with your other work on kitchen while you food is being cooked.

Now you know all about pressure cooker vs slow cooker. According to your daily schedule you should choose the perfect cooker for you but there is no harm even if you keep both of them together. After all both are useful and handy, so, without getting any late decide the perfect one for you and start eating healthy.

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