Polaroid Z340 Vs Instax 210

Are you currently confused in choosing between Polaroid Z340 and Instax 210? Do you want to know how the two differ from each other? Both Polaroid Z340 and Instax 210 are indeed cameras that can instantly print your pictures right after you shoot. This capability is very handy and practical. You won’t have to connect either camera to a computer in order to print your photos. However, there are important differences between Polaroid Z340 and Instax 210 that you need to know before choosing. So, continue reading below!

Polaroid Z340 Vs Instax 210

Polaroid Z340 is significantly bigger and bulkier than Instax 210, so it may not be as portable. However, Polaroid Z340 is a digital camera. It captures the picture and saves the picture into a digital file. There is an SD/SDHC slot into which you can insert a memory card to function as a storage media for the image files. In addition, Polaroid Z340 has a 2.7” integrated LCD screen, through which you can directly view and crop your photographs. You can also share your pics directly from the camera.

On the other hand, Instax 210 is not a digital camera. It does not take memory cards, so there is no way to save the pics as digital files. It, however, has a much more compact body that is easy to handle. The big and clear viewfinder is great for framing control. There is an LCD control panel that displays the information regarding focal distance and film count. It also has a programmable electronic shutter, adjustable from 1/64 up to 1/200 seconds. An automatic flash functions automatically when in a low-light condition.

Polaroid Z340 has a resolution of 14 MP. The photo quality is decent, though not exactly astonishing. Nevertheless, it is very good for casual purposes. The pictures are quite detailed. The camera works with the Zink printing system, and is able to print 3” x 4” full-color photographs that are resistant to water, smudge, and tear. On the other hand, Instax 210 works with a film cartridge that supplies photo papers for immediate printing. This camera is able to print 3.4” x 4.25” photographs.

Polaroid Z340 Vs Instax 210

Polaroid Z340Instax 210
Key features- Snap, print, and share without using a computer - 3x4-inch full color photographs that are smudge-proof, water- and tear-resistant. - View and crop your images on the 2.7-inch LCD screen- LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count - Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64-1/200 sec - Automatic flash for low-light shooting

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In general, Polaroid Z340 makes the best way to go. Being a digital camera, it has a wider range of functionality. The option to save pics into digital files is very useful. However, if you are just looking for a simple instant-print camera, Instax 210 is a feasible alternative.

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