Olympus TG-860 Vs TG-4

Having a tough digital camera is great. It is a good starting point for those who are interested in photography, and it can also produce excellent quality images for the more casual uses. One important feature that people often overlook is water resistance. With a waterproof digital camera, you will be able to capture the moments with less worrying about getting wet. Now, one of the best camera manufacturers, Olympus, introduces two products that may capture your attention: Olympus TG-860 and Olympus TG-4. What are the differences between the two? Which is the one best suited for you? Let’s see.

Olympus TG-860 Vs TG-4

Even from the design, Olympus TG-860 and Olympus TG-4 are already very different from each other. Both are claimed to be ‘tough’ cameras, featuring a rugged and durable construction that is also waterproof, thus ensuring that the camera is fine with some splashes and you can thrive through the rain. However, Olympus TG-860 features a tiltable screen, allowing you to take shots from more angles with such ease. Olympus TG-4’s screen is fixed. Olympus TG-860 also utilizes a slightly wider angle lens, allowing you to capture more of the view presented in front of you.

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Performance, Functionality, and Output Quality
Olympus TG-860 and Olympus TG-4 have each own strengths and weaknesses. One thing that is certain, both models are armed with a 16MP sensor, so they are roughly equal in output quality.

Olympus TG-860 is great if you regularly use the camera for video. It is able to shoot videos at 60 fps framerate, delivering pleasantly smooth and fluid movements. In addition, it also features a 7-fps burst mode, but the buffer fills up immediately to 7 shots.

On the other hand, Olympus TG-4 is awesome for the more dedicated photography hobbyists. It has a larger lens aperture, which is beneficial for creative works such as in low-light conditions and if you want to isolate your photo object. It also promotes the manual focus mode for a better grip and control of your pics. It also supports the RAW format, which is more flexible and versatile. It only has a 5.1-fps photo burst, but it has a much larger buffer, up to 100 JPEG shots. Hence, you will be able to snap more pics before having to take a break.

Olympus TG-860 Vs TG-4

Olympus TG-860Olympus TG-4
Key features- Shockproof to 7 ft., Freeze proof to 14 degrees F, Crushproof to 220 LBF - Focal length (equiv. 35mm)-21 ‑ 105mm, Sportcam mode (60p movies, High-Speed movies, Time-Lapse movies) - 21mm Ultra-wide lens with 5x optical zoom & 180 degree tilting LCD - Art Filters and in-camera sweep panorama capabilities, Built in Wi-Fi & GPS - The waterproof feature is warranted to operate at depths up to 15 m (49.2 feet) for up to one hour.- 4X wide-angle optical zoom with fast f2.0 high speed lens - Waterproof to depths of 50 feet, Freeze proof to 14 degrees F, Shockproof to 7 feet, Crushproof to 220 lb. - RAW capture, Live Composite, Underwater modes with Underwater HDR - Wi-Fi / GPS / e. Compass - 1080P HD video

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In general, Olympus TG-4 is excellent, especially for photography, since the model brings a number of more in-depth features for the purpose. However, if you simply want a digital camera that can capture high-quality images and videos in your daily life or holiday, Olympus TG-860 is a convenient choice.

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