Netgear Orbi vs Linksys Velop

In the current days, the wifi system is an important thing that needs to select and use. Therefore, a lot of brands are available in the market and each brings their specific specialty with specific performance. This makes some people get confused to select which wifi system is suitable and sufficient for them. Mainly that a proper wireless mesh system is important to make sure the internet connection run better without any problem on speed reduction. Hence, some suitable brands might need to compare in trying to get the best product. Including when comparing Netgear Orbi VS Linksys Velop. If you plan to buy one and get the most suitable product as your expectation, you may want to check on below reading first.

General Specifications
There are some general specifications of both products that can be compared. Start from the coverage area, where Netgear Orbi capable to cover 5000, 7000, and 10000 sq ft while Linksys Velop only covers of 2000,4000 and 6000 sq ft area. It makes Netgear Orbi capable to handle more areas rather than Linksys Velop. Read also: Linksys Velop vs Asus Lyra Trio

Another specification is the speed, where Netgear Orbi works in 3000 Mbps and Linksys Velop works in 2200 Mbps. Then, both manage to be controlled through a mobile application. However, Netgear Orbi has a web browser, while Linksys Velop is not. 

Checking both features will benefit to bring a general overview of the products. Therefore, it is better to see its features first as each brand has slightly different features in general. Such as Netgear Orbi that claim that the product has these specific features:


  • Tri-band Wi-Fi technology (AC3000).
  • Supports any ISP provider (needs to have an external ISP modem/router to connect with).
  • Router Node: 1 WAN Ethernet + 3 LAN Ethernet ports (Gigabit speed).
  • Satellite Node (extender): 4 LAN Ethernet ports (Gigabit speed).
  • A USB port on each node.
  • Beamforming support.
  • Alexa Integration and Google Assistant integration.
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency (802.11b/g/n), 5 GHz Radio Frequency (802.11 ac).
  • Completed with the technology of seamless roaming .
  • Security: WPA2-PSK support.
  • MU-MIMO technology and Beamforming (via the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard).
  • Supports management and configuration via both Web-based access and Mobile App-based setup.
  • 1,500, 2,000, 2,500 sq. ft. add-on satellite nodes for extra coverage.
  • Access to advanced features such as guest network, device prioritization, parental control, access filtering, VPN, port forwarding, etc.

While Linksys Velop has several features such as:

  • Tri-band Wi-Fi technology.Includes WAN/LAN Ethernet ports.
  • Works with any ISP supplied modem (Verizon Fios, AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, etc)
  • Completed with Alexa Integration.
  • 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency (802.11b/g/n), 5 GHz Radio Frequency (802.11 n/ac).
  • Seamless roaming technology (all nodes form a single mesh network).
  • Security: WPA2-Personal encryption
  • Quad Core Qualcomm chipset with MU-MIMO technology.
  • Bluetooth for App-based setup.
  • 2,000 sq. ft. per node coverage (add nodes for more coverage).
  • Access to advanced features via Linksys Velop mobile app – parental controls, beta-level Bridge mode, device prioritization, VPN pass-through support, wireless MAC filtering, guest access, etc.

We must know the strong points to make sure selecting suitable products and not end up disappointing. For information, Netgear Orbi has several pros below:

  • Much Faster WiFi speed performance when compared to Velop (based on numerous independent tests).
  • Dedicated backhaul link at 5Ghz with 1.7 Gbps speed for connecting the satellites to the main router node.
  • Easy management using both web browser (from your laptop) or mobile app.
  • Included USB port is very handy for connecting peripheral devices (such as a portable hard disk).
  • Additional Gigabit Ethernet ports are very useful to connect computers, smart TVs, etc to the network.
  • Wall-mounted.
  • Single name WiFi SSID provides easier connectivity management.

While Linksys Velop claims below several pros:

  • Great area coverage.
  • Very stable connectivity.
  • Stylish with a minimal footprint.
  • Easy to setup.
  • 3-year warranty and 24×7 reliable support.

Not only consists of good features, but every brand also has its weakness. Therefore, knowing the cons will help us to understand which weakness is acceptable and which one is not. Netgear Orbi has several cons:

  • Only 1-year warranty and 3-months of tech support.
  • Mobile-app is rudimentary.
  • No built-in ISP modem (you must connect to an existing ISP modem/router).

While Linksys Velop mentions that the weakness or cons including:

  • No web-based management (only via the mobile App).
  • More expensive compared to similar products.
  • Only 1 LAN Ethernet port for wired connections.
  • No USB port for connecting external devices.
  • Can’t be mounted on the wall or ceiling.
  • WiFi speed performance is much lower.

One of the interesting parts is always the price. People always wonder which one is cheaper but with more performance and features. Well, for information, Netgear Orbi can consider cheap as it requires money only 275 USD. While Linksys Velop asks you 290 USD for a set complete of this produce. From here, you might have been know and thinking which one is suitable to select among others.

Netgear Orbi vs Linksys Velop

- Tri-band backhaul: a dedicated band between your Orbi router and Satellite frees up the other two bands for maximum speed to your devices.
- Works with all internet Providers: replace your existing Wi-Fi router and extender (separate modem or gateway required). Compatible with any internet provider including cable, satellite, fiber, DSL, and more.
- Wired Ethernet port & FAST wireless speed: 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and AC2200 Wi-Fi powers up to 2.2 Gaps of streaming HD video, gaming, or internet surfing and downloads.
- Parental controls: pause device internet access, view site history usage, and filter websites for free. Set online time limits, schedule device internet access and more for $4.99/month. (1st Month free TRIAL)
- Provides fast, reliable Wi Fi coverage for 4K streaming, gaming and more
- Connects to your existing modem from any ISP (replaces router)
- Simple setup through the easy to use Linksys App. Wi Fi Bands 2.4Ghz + 5GHz. Network Standards 802.11b, 802.11a, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac
- Dual band connectivity speeds (867 + 400 Mbps per Node). Power Supply Input 100 240V ~ 50 60Hz; Output: 12V, 1.0A

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

It is not so difficult things to compare and select between Netgear Orbi VS Linksys Velop. From the information above and all the specifications or features, even when you look at the pros and cons or the price, Netgear Orbi is the best consideration. Offering many features at a lower price is everyone’s dream. Therefore, never botter to choose between these two when  you’re not a newcomer in selecting wifi products. Don’t let yourself feel disappointed with trying to buy Linksys Velop if you used to select Netgear Orbi. In the end, there should be No. doubt again after reading this article. Now it is quite clear that you need to select Netgear Orbi rather than Linksys Velop. Except that you want to compare both yourself, then buying Linksys Velop for almost the same price may not be necessary anymore. Why shall you look at a lower specification with a higher price when you can get higher specifications at a lower price? Therefore, let’s make up your mind to choose the Netgear Orbi and feel the experience of speed internet connectivity as you wish.


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