Motorola T505 Vs Roadster 2

Going hands-free from mobile phones is the law in most states. That said, the devices for Bluetooth connection in many cars leaves much to be desired. If you want to enjoy your own music playlists while driving, devices like Motorola T505 and the Motorola Roadster are great devices. They’re used for making and receiving calls as well as entertainment. The question is which is the superior device.

Motorola T505 Vs Roadster 2

The T505 is compact easy to use. Innovation being what it is, the Roadster has been designed to build on and improve sound quality while lessening distractions which could arise from any device that takes attention away from the road.

In appearance, some find the Roadster more attractive and efficient in layout. The controls on the Roadster are lit, labeled and easy to identify. That said, the T505 is simple to use even without the new units visual improvements.

For linking with Bluetooth, both devices work well. Users have a slight preference for the Roadster based on a voice feature that tells you when it’s paired and ready for use. The T505 requires manual pairing but is easy to achieve. Some users have had connectivity gaps with the Roadster, so while it turns on automatically and announces it’s paired, the same cannot be said when dropouts occur. This leads some owners to prefer their trusty T505.

These units were created with music streaming in mind. Both of them can access music files from mobile phones and play them through a car stereo system. The advances the Roadster attempts in terms of pausing or going from one track to the next are more distracting than with the T505. The Roadster makes beeping sounds that some users object to, and rather than a single touch toggling between tracks, the Roadster requires holding down buttons and potentially looking at the device to do so.

Both units have a built in speakerphone. The Roadster wins for volume and clarity, but the speaker is so sensitive that when making hands free calls ambient sounds in the vehicle can be distracting. The Roadster picks up noise from the road and can cut off the sound from calls. The T505 does not have this issue. The Roadster uses a voice to inform you of the name and phone number of incoming calls. The T505 requires a “tap” to answer calls. This gives a slight advantage to the Roadster.

Texting on the road is problematic. The Roadster addresses this by reading texts to the user and allows dictation of texts verbally. For someone who just can’t wait to read or respond to the texts it’s a great feature unavailable with the T505.

Motorola T505 Vs Roadster 2

Motorola T505Motorola Roadster 2
Key features- Wirelessly connects Bluetooth enabled phone and car stereo for handsfree communication and broadcasting of music from your phone - Clips to the visor and can be taken from car to car--no installation required - StationFinder finds and announces where to tune the FM radio for a clear FM connection to the car stereo - Audio Caller ID speaks the number of the person calling - Comes complete with car charger- Download the free My MotospeakApp and listen to incoming texts messages read aloud, then use voice commands to respond or initiate texts. Also receive caller ID and important battery call status voice alerts. - Automatically turns on and connects with your phone when you enter your car. When you're ready to leave it automatically turns off, saving battery life. - Listen to calls or stream music on a powerful 2-watt speaker or through car speakers using the FM transmitter - Have crystal clear calls with CrystalTalk technology on Roadster 2.

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All in the simplicity of the T505 makes it worth holding onto. The Roadster has some great features, but the pairing issues which have come up may make it a less desirable unit.

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