Installing a garbage disposal below your kitchen sink saves more time and energy of dealing with the food waste form cooking and dining at home. If you also need help on dealing with food waste or want to change the older unit in the house with a newer model MOEN GSX75C vs gGX75C are two good options to go. They are fairly affordable, work reliably and also different but is not that substantial. Before setting your option for one of them go see what they can offer below.

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– What Material used for MOEN GXS75C and GX75C Grinding Components
– What else MOEN GXS75C and GX75C can offer to you
– MOEN GXS75C vs GX75C

Garbage Disposal
Cooking at home is a healthier option compared to eating takes out all the time, especially from those fast food chains. While they sure take less time to prepare and cost cheaper, it will harm our body in the long term taking obesity as one of the most common health issues. However, in the last several years, it seems that people start to become more aware of health which is why many of us are starting to cook at home and start a healthier lifestyle like routine exercise.

While healthy lifestyle is not something we can get used in an instant, they will be worth the effort for longer term and will seems easier as we walk into the journey. If you start cooking at home or loves making the food from scratch for the whole family, we also have to deal with the waste and unused food ingredients. Since they are natural products and biodegradable, these vegetables, beans, meats, bones, fats, and similar ingredients will rot very fast in your garbage bin.

When living with our parents we are always asked to throw the garbage outside everyday because if not, they will cause unpleasant smell and will attract insects as well as creating an unhealthy environment. If you don’t have much time to compost these biodegradable residues, using a garbage disposal in the kitchen can be a good decision to do especially if you are living with family and already have much waste to deal with at a time from the dishes alone.

A garbage disposal is widely used and most of us must be familiar with the machine. They look like a tube coming in cylinder shape installed below the kitchen sink. It has mouth and neck to connect with the disposal opening from the sink and will work like a grinding machine with moving parts inside. Some people may think a garbage disposal will work like a blender and it is true that the inside components are spinning or rotating but, is not completely true as well.

Rather than a blender, a garbage disposal is working by grounding the food waste inside since there is no sharp blades used to chop them apart and more like an impellers with a stationary shredder to tear food into smaller pieces. This food pieces is small enough to be disposed along with water from the sink to the waste piping in the house without clogging the sink and your pipe. Depend on the type, garbage disposal is also different between the model. Read also: InSinkErator Badger 5 vs 900 here.

About MOEN GXS75C with GX75C
While they are very useful, a garbage disposal is not working like magic and can’t be used for just anything because there is a rule if it is not biodegradable, we should not dump them on the machine and even though they are, things like tough fibrous scraps, potato peels, grease, oils, and tough items like pits and bones should never grace your garbage disposal. If you already making up the mind to get one, now is the time to see what the market has to offer.

Garbage disposals are very popular so it is no wonder that manufacturers are designing and upgrading their models continuously to answer the market demand for a better product. Many of them are very affordable and won’t ask more than $100 yet already have the power to fit small family. If you are living in a house with more than 3 people dining together or up to 6 people at once, MOEN have the most suitable model with their GXS75C and GX75.

This brand may not as popular as the leading names like InSinkErator or Waste King but is still very reliable, cost very much the same with those brands and have the same power. Both of these models are made for small family since they have a slightly more powerful motor than the industry lower models but since they are very similar to each other, many people who plan to get the product confused about which to choose seeing even their name is almost identical.

MOEN GXS75C and GX75C are continuous type of garbage disposal as opposed to batch feed and if you are not familiar with the difference, in general they are working continuously as the user is washing their dishes or dumping the waste into the grinding chamber. They will work as long as we don’t deactivate the motor. We can use the switch or rewiring them to fit your kitchen with removable power cord.

MOEN GXS75C with GX75C Design
When first seeing these garbage disposal, the one thing grace our mind is the design because compared to the common models from bigger names, they are quite different since most machines have a round tube and while these two looks round, they actually have flat sides in front and back for more clearance and fit the little space below the sink better. The widest part of MOEN GXS75C and GX75C is 7.5 inches while the height is measured around 13.4 inches.

Before going to shop for a disposal, it is wise to also measure the space below the sink first and write them down especially if you have a narrow space to spare because the machines have different sizing just to make sure the one we are getting will fit properly. They are made mainly made from steel for the housing and have a shiny black finish with the model name and motor capacity printed on the body.

MOEN GXS75C with GX75C Motor
As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important things to consider when looking for a garbage disposal is the motor and in this side both of MOEN GXS75C and GX75C are very similar or the same because they are equally coming with VORTEX permanent magnet motor technology which is in general operating at a higher RPM, the same used in Waste King disposals. Compared to induction motor, this option require less electricity per minute basis to keep the electricity bill reasonably low.

The quick rotation is claimed to powerfully grind food scraps and avoid frequent jamming which often happens in lower garbage disposals. As for the power, they are also equally coming with 3/4 HP which is big enough to fit a small family with 3 to 6 people dining in the house. It is more capable than the common 1/2 HP and noticeably more powerful than the industry lowest level of 1/3 HP. In addition, it can also ground some hard foods yet, bones will probably need a bigger power like solid 1 HP.

MOEN GXS75C with GX75C Grinding Components and Chamber
The next important part to consider when looking for a garbage disposal will be the grinding chamber with its components inside because the main activity of waste disposing is happening here. Due to being used together with water and various food ingredients, this room tend to wear faster which is why manufacturer like MOEN try to use a more durable components to make sure they last long. This is also what set MOEN GXS75C and GX75C apart the most and making the price different.

The “S” in the first option actually refers to non-stainless steel, MOEN GSX75C mentioned to use galvanized as the grinding components while the other model is using stainless steel. Galvanized steel is more affordable because it is steel coated with zinc to help protect it against corrosion which is not as reliable as the stainless steel material. However, depend on the water quality in your house, salt water is not recommended for galvanized steel since it will reduce their life.

Stainless steel on the other hand is made by adding chromium to molten steel so it is resistant to rust and it also doesn’t mind water which is why people who live in the marine environment may want to choose the stainless steel GX75C.

MOEN GXS75C with GX75C Feature
On the additional feature, some garbage disposal especially those with higher prices mostly have either noise insulation or a jam-free features to ease the application. For MOEN GXS75C and GX75C, they only have SoundSHIELD feature which is used to reduce the noise caused by the motor inside and vibration of the whole disposal so they are not as noisy or loud as the models without the feature yet, not completely silent as well.

Now, let’s compare MOEN GXS75C with GX75C. As you may already know, they are fairly the identical with most of the part made with the same materials except for the grinding components because GX75C is using stainless steel instead of galvanized steel, making it more durable and suit different environment even against saltwater.


- PERMANENT MAGNET: Vortex motor technology quickly and powerfully grinds food scraps
- EASY-TO-INSTALL: Universal Xpress Mount fits Moen and most existing 3-bolt mounting assemblies
- REMOVABLE POWER CORD easily removes for optional hardwiring
- NOISE REDUCTION: Features SoundSHIELD, assuring exceptional noise reduction and quiet dependability

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same need and preference so it is best to follow what you think will fit the house the most. However, if we are to choose, we will go with the GX75C because it has better grinding components and mostly will be more durable while the price gap is fairly cheap.

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