Michelin Latitude Tour Vs Latitude Tour HP

A lot of people have faced the same questions as you are facing right now. How are Michelin Latitude Tour and Michelin Latitude Tour HP different from each other? Which is the model best for my car? When it comes to quality tires, Michelin is one of the best brands that you can trust. The company has manufactured a wide variety of sophisticated products, for sure. Michelin Latitude Tour and Michelin Latitude Tour HP are both great products, but their different properties may cause you to choose one over the other.

Michelin Latitude Tour Vs Latitude Tour HP

Michelin Latitude Tour
Michelin Latitude Tour is the company’s leading product for SUVs and crossovers. It features an impressive and comfortable on-road handling, giving you much more confidence even in very wet conditions, thanks to the wide groove tread design, special rubber compounds, and multiple layers that promote superior tire qualities. The silica tread compound delivers exceptional wet handling and braking performance, while the tread compound reduces rolling resistance, which results in fuel savings. The improved fuel efficiency is very real, as Michelin Latitude Tour can save up to 82 gallons of fuel over the life of the tires. Meanwhile, the nylon wrap and belt edge cushion provide endurance and durability, also better gripping to the road for an exceptional comfort. The Michelin Comfort Control Technology also utilizes computer-optimized design and manufacturing in order to reduce road noise and vibrations for a quiet and comfortable ride.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP
On the other hand, the slightly cheaper Michelin Latitude Tour HP is specialized for high performance. It is designed especially for sports cars and premium crossover vehicles. The construction is almost similar to Michelin Latitude Tour; however, it features the 2-D Active Sipes for superior handling in rain and snow. The system will lock together in order to deliver greater rigidity. The tire also features the FAZ Technology, which precisely places polyester and aramid/nylon filaments under the tread for stability and solid control as you steer at high speeds. The construction also makes the tire very rugged and durable. The combination of the fuel-efficient tire shape and the tread compounds that reduce unnecessary friction promotes fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Michelin Latitude Tour Vs Latitude Tour HP

Michelin Latitude TourMichelin Latitude Tour HP
Key features- Michelin Latitude Tour tires are Michelin's leading tires for SUVs and crossovers - Impressive on -road handling and comfort - Outstanding fuel efficiency and long tread life to save you money - Confident control in wet conditions, thanks to special compounds and wide grooves - Black sidewall lettering- Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires are Michelin's High-Performance tires for SUVs and crossovers - Safe, reliable handling and a quiet, comfortable ride - 2 -D active sipes for excellent handling in rain and snow - Stability and crisp steering response at speed - Fuel -efficient tread compounds help save at the pump

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In general, for most vehicles, Michelin Latitude Tour makes the best choice. The solid grip over the road and improved fuel efficiency are huge advantages of the tire. However, if you seek extra acceleration, Michelin Latitude Tour HP can be a feasible choice. Either way, don’t forget that you should choose the size that fits your car!

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