Launch CRP123 Vs CRP129

If you are currently looking for the difference between Launch CRP 123(Launch Creader VII+) and Launch CRP 129 (Creader VIII), to make the story is shorter, CRP129 is an upgraded version of CRP123. Then, there is a question: can you upgrade the 123 to the 129? The answer might be come in 2 versions knowing that everyone has their own needs as well as in choosing between Launch CRP123 vs CRP129. But, after reading this article, we hope that you will find the right option which is an ideal for you in the future.

Launch CRP123
Launch CRP123- This device has some of the greatest data coding volumes that are recognized to the manufacturer specified and generic codes. This device is also proven to be broadly compatible with the United States manufactured vehicles, but also a number of other vehicles manufactured in Europe and Asia. The Launch CRP123 will not eave you hanging with a generic code. It also retrieves your vehicle manufacture-specific code. Additionally, it has support for 10 modes of OBD2. The tool has only 1.4 pounds and measuring just 9.2 (width) x 7.8 (height) x 1.7 (deep) inches. So this sucker is easy to store in the tool box and convenient to carry. The construction of Launch CRP123 is really great. This thing has a durable plastic cover and it’s not the kind of plastic that kid’s Matchbox cars are made out of. There are ABS, transmission (A / T) and airbag (SRS) code support and these are available through the included USB cable. Just hook it up to your laptop, and you are good to go.

Launch CRP129
The introduction of the new OBD2 scan engine from launch technology, US based technology and conglomerate software has however been changed in the table. Their new OBD2 Diagnostic Scan tool launches the awesome CRP129 in both design and functionality. Multi-functional features can enable the technician or owner to get some updates in real-time. In this process, time and money are drastically saved. The OBD 2 scan tool has been praised for its high level of efficiency in accomplishing things to do with motor vehicle engines. It has what may be required for modern motor vehicles. If you’re longing to come into actual contact with modern technology in the OBD2 scan engine area, then this is a real machine. The main feature is about high-compatibility mode- this feature itself is important as this can encode both manufacturers specified code and other generic code itself available. Its use is wide.

Launch CRP123 Vs CRP129

Launch CRP123Launch CRP129
Key features- POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: This obd2 scanner can work on four systems(ENG/TCM/ABS/SRS), it can also reads and clears codes on engine, transmission (A/T), ABS, and airbag (SRS) - SPECIAL FUNCTION: The scan tool can supports DLC location hints/ DTC help/ Data stream display in waveform/ Historical data record and playback- Cover more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia? - OBDII Data Stream Graphic Display - Service light reset function for multiple car models - Display DTC help information and service information - Supports all 10 test modes of the OBDII

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Launch CRP129 is more functional and elegant which can switch the professional device in the large service, even when in busy condition on another car or not needed more specific professional capabilities or also when there is no deep diagnostic level requirements. Solution Launch CRP129 is especially useful for small services, service reception points, body and repair services for express-diagnostics according to the requirements to the level of diagnostics. On the other hand, a low-cost Launch CRP 123 is suitable especially for private use for individuals who have their own cars.

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