Jetboil Zip Vs Sol

Stove is one of a major requirement when traveling. Without a stove, especially a portable one, you will find it difficult to cook food and hot water. Moreover, for you who have traveling hobby to the mountain or forest, the stove can facilitate you to cook. The stove here is not the stove that your mother used to cook, guys. Traveler just bring a portable stove that can go anywhere. With a portable and lightweight form you can take it anywhere. This time will discuss about the portable stove Jetboil Zip vs Sol with each advantages.

Jetboil Zip
Features of the Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System 0.8 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cargo cozy adjustable burner drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl Compatible with all Jetboil accessories. The JetBoil Zip has been around a while, and is the lowest cost JetBoil out there. The JetBoil Zip was the least expensive. The Zip is not that really different from the Sol, except that it’s missing the piezo igniter and the fuel regulator. Overall, the Zip is a great buy, and while still not cheap, much lower cost, with all the advantages of any other JetBoil. The gas canister stabilizer, the stove piece, the cap, and the protection cover/cup are all it comes with, but that’s really all you need. The stove adaptor is a waste anyway as you wouldn’t really use a JetBoil as a stove unless it was a real emergency. It’s just not really designed for cooking. So if you’re just getting into camping, and are on a budget, get the JetBoil Zip (and make, tea/coffee/hot chocolate, instant soups and ramen, dehydrated food, or oatmeal).

Jetboil Sol
Jetboil Sol personal cooking system is barely noticed in your pack while assuring you’re prepared for the toughest conditions. In this true 4-season upright canister cooking system, Jetboil introduces advanced Jetboil Thermo-Regulate™ Burner Technology to deliver consistent heat output down to 20°F. This is more or less a “special purpose” stove that is truly one of the best for its “purpose”. But, it is a water boiling stove, not a gourmet and/or simmering unit. To boil water fast for dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that combines light weight, compactness, durability, and speed with such fuel sipping efficiency. You can control the flame a bit, with practice. But, the nature of this water boiling machine is to put the heat on the attachable cup. Exactly what you want to boil water fast and limit the need for carrying a large amount of heavy fuel on longer trips. But, not for cooking from scratch and simmering sauces, etc. If what you want is a fast, efficient water boiler, you really can’t go wrong with the Sol.

Jetboil Zip Vs Sol

Jetboil ZipJetboil Sol
Key features- 0.8 Liter FluxRing® cooking cup with insulating cozy - Adjustable burner,Match ignition.Drink-through lid with pour spout & strainer - Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl- Thermo-Regulate technology delivers consistent heat down to 20 degrees F - 0.8 liter FluxRing cooking cup - Convenient, reliable push-button igniter

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So now, if you are facing the decision of whether to purchase the Jetboil Zip or the Jetboil Sol here are the final thoughts. If you are a hiker that puts your dehydrated food into a pot after the water has boiled, the Jetboil Sol can be the better option to pick, as it will keep the water at a higher temperature for a longer duration of time compared with Jetboil Zip.

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