Innova 3150F Vs 3160G

Having a diagnostic scan tool is very useful for maintaining your vehicle. It allows you to find out what’s wrong when you are encountering a problem with the vehicle. At least, it can help you avoid scams when taking the vehicle to the local mechanic. Below, we will discuss the differences between Innova 3150F vs 3160G diagnostic scan tools.

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You need to know that both Innova 3150 and Innova 3160 are available in some different variants with different displays. There are models that have the same capabilities, but with small black-and-white display which aren’t easy to read. Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are models with the large color displays, and are much easier to use. See also: Actron CP9660 vs CP9670.

Still, Innova 3150F vs 3160G aren’t exactly similar in terms of dimensions. While they both have large color displays, Innova 3150F has a smaller display and a smaller overall size. On the other hand, Innova 3160G comes with a larger 3.5-inch LCD screen and a larger overall size.

Both models are still very portable. They are easy to handle. The curved casing is comfortable to grip, and the buttons are easy to reach. The display of Innova 3150F is not bad at all, but the display of Innova 3160G is definitely better because of the larger size. It is much easier to read without straining your eyes. It can show more information in one screen, hence minimizing scrolling.

Features and Capabilities
Most of the features and capabilities of Innova 3150F vs 3160G are similar. Both models are compatible with all domestic and foreign vehicles from 1996 or newer that use the OBD2 system. They cover cars, SUVs, light trucks, as well as hybrids.

The range of compatible brands and models is really impressive. In addition, both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are able to read various codes, including generic and some brand-specific ones. You can check the definitions of those codes on the official Innova website.

Both models are able to read and clear Check Engine Lights as well as ABS and SRS trouble codes. This is perhaps the most important feature for a diagnostic scan tool, as it allows you to determine what is wrong in your vehicle. Both models have the Freeze Frame capability to show engine-related conditions at the moment the Malfunction Indicator Lamp was activated. In addition, both models can reset Oil Light as well as Battery Maintenance Light & Initialization.

Both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are able to store the diagnostic data of more than one vehicle. Each of them is able to save the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of the last three scanned vehicles.

Both models are only designed to retrieve information, so they don’t have any risk of damaging your vehicle’s electronic system. Well, they do have the capabilities for initiating the O2 Test, the EVAP System Leak Test, and the Non-Continuous Test for vehicles that support these tests. But, then again, it is impossible for these devices to damage your vehicle’s electronic system, so they are completely safe to use.

Live Data
The biggest distinction between these two models is the Live Data capability. Innova 3150F does not have Live Data, so it can’t read your vehicle’s conditions in real time. It also can’t record the real time conditions for later analysis. This is quite a disadvantage.

Innova 3160G is often preferred by vehicle owners as well as mechanics because of the Live Data capability. This model can read your vehicle’s conditions in real time, so you can know for sure what is currently happening inside. It can stream and graph the real time data so that the information is easier to comprehend. In addition, this model is also able to record the live data for later analysis and evaluation, either on the unit’s display or on your computer.

Mobile App
Both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G have built-in Bluetooth. With the built-in wireless connectivity, you can connect the diagnostic scan tool to your smartphone or tablet. You need to download the Repair Solutions mobile app to take advantage of this connectivity. Once connected to your smartphone or tablet, you can open the Repair Solutions mobile app to get a wide range of information regarding your vehicle’s diagnostics.

On the Repair Solutions mobile app, you can get the definition of the detected Diagnostic Trouble Code. It will explain to you the possible causes of the problem, along with the verified fixes. Furthermore, it can also provide step-by-step videos for the fixes. It even provides estimations for repair costs; you can compare the DIY cost and the repair shop cost.

This app is very useful for people who want to fix their vehicles by themselves. Even so, you still need to be careful. People with little to no knowledge and skill in vehicle mechanics should just ask a professional help to avoid further problems.

Don’t forget that both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G can get free updates from the company’s official website. You should keep your diagnostic scan tool up to date to ensure that you have the latest information and technology.

What’s Included?
Each of these two models comes with the OBD2 cable for connecting to your vehicle and the USB cable to connect to your computer for transferring data and installing updates. The included OBD2 cable is very nice. The connector is equipped with LED lights for illumination. So, you can easily see the precise location of the port even when you are working in a dim garage.

Innova 3150F Vs 3160G

Innova 3150FInnova 3160G
Key features- CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Read and clear check engine lights (CEL) codes (DTC) on any 1996 & newer OBD2 (OBD II) car, truck, SUV or hybrid. Coverage includes vehicles such as Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Kia and any other makes sold in the US or Canada. Trilingual option allows descriptive definitions to appear in English, Spanish or French.- Read and clear check engine lights on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, and hybrids - Read and erase ABS & SRS trouble codes on most OBD2 domestic, Asian and European vehicles - Reset oil light on popular OBD2 vehicles - Reset battery maintenance light & Initialization

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Between these two models, Innova 3160G is much more recommended. The primary reason is the Live Data capability. It can stream and graph your vehicle’s conditions in real time. It can also record the real time data for later analysis. In addition, this model also has a larger display screen, so it is easier and more convenient to use.

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