Harmony Touch Vs Harmony One

Logitech is one of the biggest electronic manufacturers that you could find these days. This manufacturer has produced various electronic gadgets that offer various functions. One of the most popular products from Logitech is its universal remote control. This device is an electronic device that could be synced and paired with various other electronic devices from TV to DVD player. There are various types of universal remote control that is produced by Logitech. Two of the most popular universal remote controls from Logitech are Harmony Touch and Harmony One.

Harmony Touch Vs Harmony One

Before you decide to buy universal remote control from Logitech, you might need to take a look at harmony touch vs harmony one comparison so that you could decide which one of them that you should get. Basically, both of these universal remote controls have quite similar functions and features. Both of these devices could be connected to more than 15 devices. Both of them also have digital touch screen that could display any information and menus that are provided. Even though these devices have quite similar features, there are still some differences that you might need to notice between these two. Read also : Logitech Harmony 600 Vs 650.

One of the differences between Harmony Touch and Harmony One is the design. While the design of Harmony One is a little bit conventional, Harmony Touch came with more sophisticated design. Other notable difference between these devices is the price. The price of Harmony Touch is slightly higher than Harmony One. Harmony Touch is also the first universal remote control from Logitech that has dedicated DVR button. You also could find several new features on Harmony Touch that you might not find in Harmony One. These features are including icon customization and favorite channel setup.

Harmony Touch Vs Harmony One

Harmony TouchHarmony One
Key features- Intuitive color touch screen - Customizable channel icons - Sleek, streamlined design - Recharging station - Universal control of up to 15 devices: Works with 5,000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, including ones you add tomorrow- One-Touch Simplicity - Replaces up to 15 remotes - Rechargeable with included docking station - Sculpted backlit buttons - Ergonomic Design

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As you can see, Harmony Touch has better features and design than Harmony One. Even though the price of Harmony Touch is a little bit higher, it doesn’t really matter since this universal remote control is definitely a far better choice than Harmony One.

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