Garrett Ace 250 Vs Fisher F22

Choosing the right metal detector can be quite tricky and confusing. However, you don’t need to worry about getting an entry-level model like Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F22. Any pro in the field would tell you that skill alone can trump an expensive machine in making great finds. So, an entry-level metal detector will not hinder your progress – that is, if you choose the right model that makes the fullest value for the money. So, between the two entry-level machines, Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F22, which one should you choose?

Design and Construction
In terms of design and construction, Fisher F22 has a better edge here than Garrett Ace 250. Fisher F22 is more lightweight and is waterproof. Of course, it has been modeled after the legendary Fisher F2 model, so we don’t get really surprised by the excellent design and build quality. Being more lightweight, Fisher F22 is easier and less tiring to hold. And, more importantly, Fisher F22’s machine and coil are both waterproof. Which means, you can use it in the rain or even in a wet area without the risk of damaging the metal detector. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 is slightly heavier. The coil is waterproof, but the connectors on the machine are not. Hence, Garrett Ace 250 cannot be used in the rain.

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Fisher F22 is powered by a pair of AA batteries. It has a screen that features a two-digit seven-segment display. Its tone is adjustable, and it has been equipped with automatic ground balance. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 works with four AA batteries. This model has a digital display screen, three selectable tones, and a factory-preset ground balance.

Fisher F22 operates on the 7.69 kHz frequency. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 operates on the 6.5 kHz frequency. Garrett Ace 250 may have a better performance in scanning because the coil is circular with a wider diameter. However, Fisher F22 can be more accurate in pinpointing because of the centered coil. In addition, Fisher F22 is able to detect to deeper depths than Garrett Ace 250. The maximum depth of Fisher F22 is 9 inches, whereas Garrett Ace 250’s is just 6 to 7 inches.

Garrett Ace 250 Vs Fisher F22

Garrett Ace 250Fisher F22
Key features- Graphic Target ID cursor - Accept/Reject notch for specific target detection and to ignore unwanted items - Electronic pinpoint for easy target recovery - Continuous target depth indicator- For detecting coins, jewelry, and artifacts - Features pinpoint mode - 10 adjustable sensitivity levels - Weather resistant - Detects metals up to 9 in. deep

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We recommend you to choose Fisher F22. It has a better build, features, and performance. The waterproof body and higher maximum depth rating are the primary reasons to choose the model.

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