Garmin Edge 705 Vs 500

A Garmin Edge is an advanced GPS for your bike. It comes in many versions, and each version has its pros and cons. Now, let us compare the Garmin Edge 705 and 500.

Garmin Edge 705 Vs 500

The advantages of 705 is that it has has advanced workouts, simple workouts, pace alert, and interval training, but 500 does not. 705`s display resolution is also 176 x 220 pixels but 500`s is only 128 x 160 pixels. With 705, you`ll be able to see a map screen, unlike with 500. This trait allows you to explore trails and areas you have never been to before and not worrying about getting lost somewhere. You also have the option to add maps and use data cards with 705, but not with 500. On top of that, 705 has this cool feature that allows you to share data wirelessly with similar units– a trait that is absent in 500. The unit dimensions of 705 are 5.1 x 10.9 x 2.5 cm but the unit dimensions of 500 are 4.8 x 6.9 x 2.2 cm. This means that 705 has a larger screen compared to 500. 705 is also more expensive than 500. This is because it is the upgraded version and has more functions than 500.

On the other hand, 500 is smaller in size compared to the 705 version. 500 weighs 56.7 grams, but 700 weighs 104.9 grams, making 700 almost two times heavier than 500. Its battery life is also up to 18 hours, where else 700`s is only up to 15 hours. It has a heart rate-based calorie computation and cycles automatically through data pages during workouts, unlike 705. 500 displays and records temperature while you ride– a feature 705 does not have.

Garmin Edge 705 Vs 500

Garmin Edge 705Garmin Edge 500
Key features- GPS-Enabled Cycle Computer - Sunlight-Readable Color Display - Automatically Measures Speed, Distance, Time, Calories Burned, Altitude, Climb & Descent - Features A High-Sensitivity Receiver That Holds A Signal Under Trees & Near Tall Buildings- High-sensitivity GPS receiver. - Easy-to-read display. - Barometric altimeter - for precise climb and descent data. - Battery life - up to 18 hours. - Sleek, lightweight design

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We would say that the result is a draw between 705 and 500 because both of them have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some may prefer a lighter and smaller system like the 500 for their bike, but others may prefer the mapping system and the ability to insert data cards of the 705. It all comes down to personal preferences.

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