Flir C2 Vs Flir One

Flir Systems, Inc. has designed various technologies and products that aim to enhance a human’s perception and awareness of the surroundings. There are various types of devices, from locator systems, measurement and diagnostic tools, advanced threat detectors, to thermal imaging equipment. For thermal imaging equipment, Flir has Flir C2 and Flir One. People who seek either some fun tool or something that actually helps their job often get confused in choosing between the available models. Flir C2 is significantly more expensive than Flir One. Why is that? If you want to know the differences between Flir C2 and Flir One, read on!

Flir C2 Vs Flir One

Fundamental Design Difference
The primary reason for the huge price gap is the design difference. While Flir C2 is an independent piece of hardware, Flir One is designed to be an attachment for mobile devices. Flir C2 can operate by itself immediately, while Flir One has to be ported to your Android or iOS device in order to transform the mobile gadget into a thermal camera. So, you should consider carefully whether you require a real thermal imaging device or a simple attachment that can turn your existing smartphone or tablet into something that functions for the same purpose.

Of course, Flir C2 is more powerful than Flir One. As a starter, Flir C2 has wider temperature range with higher thermal sensitivity than Flir One. The complete device is able to measure from -10-degree to 150-degree Celsius, with 0.10-degree Celsius thermal sensitivity. On the other hand, Flir One only has a temperature range between -20-degree to 120-degree Celsius. Flir C2 comes with built-in LED spotlight that can be used as a flashlight as well as for a photo illumination. It can capture MSX-enhanced thermal pictures, and the FLIR Tools software can be very handy for your job as the software has the industry standards for thermal image analysis. On the other hand, Flir One requires you to download and install the FLIR ONE app on your mobile device to be able to utilize the attachment tool. Flir One will allow you to take MSX-enhanced thermal pics and videos, and will allow you to share the files easily.

Flir C2 Vs Flir One

Flir C2Flir One
Key features- Its lightweight and slim profile fits into any work pocket - Built-in LED spotlight you can use as a flashlight and for photo illumination - MSX-enhanced thermal images provide stunning detail to help you identify problem areas easier - Radiometric image stores 4800 pixels capable of capturing thermal measurements from -10DegreeC to 150DegreeC- Lightweight accessory that transforms your iOS device into a powerful thermal infrared camera - FLIR ONE displays live thermal infrared imagery using the FLIR ONE iPhone app so you can see the world from a thermal perspective - Capture and share thermal images and videos. - Scene temperature range: -4°F to 248°F (-20° to 120°C) , Operating temperature: 32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C).

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If you simply require a thermal imaging system for casual usage, Flir One is sufficient. It will not break the bank, and is arguably more compact. But, for more professional needs, you should choose Flir C2, that is more powerful with more functionalities.

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