Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK

You are now most probably looking for a forest knife that is easy to bring along, but has sufficient power and durability when needed. There are two forest knives that often become the choice of people. They are Fallkniven S1 and Cold Steel SRK. In general, both Fallkniven S1 and Cold Steel SRK are compact, lightweight knives that are durable and reliable for demanding purposes. Each of the two items is available under two hundred dollars. So, is it Fallkniven S1 or Cold Steel SRK that is better for the money?

Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK

If we put the two knives side by side, we can see that Cold Steel SRK is bigger and longer than Fallkniven S1. The thick, longer blade of Cold Steel SRK may make it suitable for chopping, slicing, and other more demanding applications. The handle is also somewhat thicker and is highly textured to enhance the handling. The sleek and straight blade makes this knife appear very classy and elegant.

On the other hand, Fallkniven S1 is smaller and somewhat shorter. The blade is shorter, but has a similar blade design and thickness like Cold Steel SRK. So, Fallkniven S1 is also very sturdy and durable, though the shorter blade may make it more suitable for smaller chores and delicate works. The handle is slightly smaller. The handle is also textured, though not as much as Cold Steel SRK. People with smaller hands will find Fallkniven S1 easier to handle.

Even though Cold Steel SRK has a coated finish to enhance the durability of the blade, Fallkniven S1 is surprisingly much more resistant to stain. Hence, Cold Steel SRK may need some extra care and cleaning if you want it to last. You should clean the blade every after usage. Well, the same goes to any other blade, but the cleaning becomes more imperative for Cold Steel SRK.

Both knives are highly durable and sharp. They can cut through almost anything nearly effortlessly. These are great knives for camping, hiking, and the likes. Nevertheless, Cold Steel SRK seems to be somewhat sharper on the front edge because of the more tapering shape.

Fallkniven S1 Vs Cold Steel SRK

Fallkniven S1Cold Steel SRK
BrandFallknivenCold Steel
Key features- Total length: 9.7" (247 mm) - Blade length: 5.1" (130 mm) - Blade thickness: 0.2" (5 mm) - Tang: Full, protruding - Weight (knife): 6.7 oz (190 g)- SteelCold Steel 3V ark (survival rescue knife) w/black Tuff-Ex finish - Built to provide a tough multi-purpose survival tool - Embraced by the military and special forces community

Customer Rating4.9 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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In general, Fallkniven S1 is the better choice, due to the knife being more compact and more resistant to stain. It makes an excellent complement to a bigger blade, if you already have one. But if you prefer a longer blade for some more functionality, then you can choose Cold Steel SRK.

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