Escort Redline VS Valentine One

Radar is a very important thing to wear, especially when you are traveling. This tools can use when you are going to use the car to explore new areas that are not equipped with the knowledge of the condition of the road and save road. Tools for detecting radar are very important especially to avoid adverse conditions such as accident or traffic ticket police problem. Now compare radar detector issued by Escort redline and Valentine One became one of the main subject. Let’s compare Escort Redline Vs Valentine One.

Escort Redline VS Valentine One

Escort Redline is a defense radar system that will be installed on the vehicle to determine the detection of police radar. The design is more captivating then the physical shape of the tool is very interesting. The best protection is provided by escort’s lies in the speed of data reading and camera features. Radar detection range can be reached by Redline able to reach 15 miles. This tool is also equipped with a radar antenna so it is good to look at the front of the radar detection. Part microprocessor design that is able to see long distances make the system connected to the internet to be very smooth.

Valentine One is one of the radar detectors which are able to give the appearance of design and highly advanced features. This tool is able to protect the vehicle from interference of laser weapons and radar detection. This tool has the form of a simple design but has a very powerful feature. Equipment parts made ​​of magnesium will avoid radar of disruption to electrical and magnetic forces other. As a complement, there are two detection devices are formed into an antenna. The antenna is mounted on the front and back will give a very strict protection on radar detection of the bad.

When compared with the shape and design of the equipment has an attractive design strength and very appropriate for the vehicle. Some security features are also becoming very harmonious appeal. Decision to use valentine one can use the various reason of instructions like the alarm will be set up in the main drawbacks. While the Escort Redline is able to give directions to the alarm. But alarms are embodied in the data sometimes false.

Escort Redline VS Valentine One

Escort RedlineValentine One
BrandEscortValentine One
Key features- High-performance radar - Detection and separate alerts for Full X, K, SuperWide Ka, and Safety Warning System radar capability - Dual Antennae Design - AutoMode intelligently - TotalShield technology - One-year limited warranty- X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection - 360° Protection against all types of Laser - Rear Radar Antenna - Ku Band Detection - Directional Indicator

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When compared Escort Redline VS Valentine One by looking at the data transmission capabilities of radar detection are performed between one valentine Escort Redline and will provide faster data. Some complementary facilities such as alarm are a barrier. In addition, the price is also the other offers because the consumer can choose the Escort Redline or Valentine One.

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