Epson V700 Vs V750

When there is a situation where one has to choose a product from two equivalently good products, there is always bit of confusion as of which to choose. Here we have two film scanners, Epson v700 and Epson v750 which come face to face to show the world which is a better film scanner. Both these flatbed film scanners are very good in functioning. So let us compare and see which would come out as a winner.

Epson V700 Vs V750

COMPARISON : Both Epson v700 and Epson v750 have a similar squarish design which can fit properly in the corner of a standard work table. These scanners use the same hardware quality and design, but the Epson v750 has anti glare layer on its glass and it also has a liquid mounting system. Here, the main difference between these two printers is the software used. Both the printers come with the basic software, whereas the Epson v700 is additionally packed with Lasersoft Silverfast SE6 and v750 comes with Silverfast AI6. Take a look : Epson V600 vs V700.

These scanners have two lenses. The minimum and maximum optical resolution of both these printers is same, ranging from 4,800 DPI for entire bed and a breathtaking 6,400 DPI for an area of 5.9 x 10″. These printers have the standard KODAK Digital ICE. There is a glass holder present in v750. This glass holder is very useful for wet mounting and it prevents the dust and scratches. Both these scanners have an optical density of 4 Dmax. There are holders for 35mm film strips and mounted films, 120, 4 x 5″, 8 x 10″ film sizes. The 120 film holder holds 2 film strips of each 6 x 20 cm, this would be ideal for the panoramic photographers.

Epson V700 Vs V750

Epson V700Epson V750
Key features- Photo scanner reproduces photographs with professional quality - 6,400 dpi resolution: incredible precision and detail - Can scan slides, negatives, and medium format film - Innovative dual lens system automatically selects two lenses for desired resolution - 4.0 Dmax for exceptional image quality- Groundbreaking 6400 optical resolution. - 4.0 Dmax for fine shadow detail plus remarkable tonal range - Digital ICE to automatically removal dust and surface defects from prints - High-pass optics for maximum image quality - Fluid mount accessory for scratch removal and grain reduction from black and white film.

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The clear winner between Epson v700 vs v750 face off would be Epson v750. Even though both of them have similar features, the Epson v750 packs a specialized fluid mounting system, which makes the winner. So don’t hesitate to choose any of the printers because both of them of very good.

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