Dewalt DW745 Vs DW7480

So, Dewalt DW745 and Dewalt DW7480 have made you confused. These two products are both small, compact job-site table saws available in a similar price range. Well, Dewalt DW7480 is usually a little bit more expensive than Dewalt DW745, but the price difference is scalable. As the effect, we all question if the slightly pricier model is worth the money and if we should go for the more affordable model instead. Below, we will break down the differences and comparisons between Dewalt DW745 and Dewalt DW7480. So, continue reading below!

Size and Weight
Both Dewalt DW745 and Dewalt DW7480 are compact and portable. You should be able to easily bring these table saws to the job site. Interestingly, Dewalt DW745 and Dewalt DW7480 are about the same size. They each measure 25.8” (L) x 26.5” (W) x 13.9” (H). However, Dewalt DW7480 is slightly heavier than Dewalt DW745. Dewalt DW7480 has a weight of 48 lbs, whereas Dewalt DW745 is only 45 lbs. The weight difference is not very significant. Keep in mind that Dewalt DW745 has a slightly longer cord; the cord length is 8 feet, whereas the length of the cord of Dewalt DW7480 is 6 feet.

Dewalt DW7480 is able to cut at a higher speed than Dewalt DW745. The maximum speed of Dewalt DW7480 without any load is 4800 RPM. Meanwhile, the maximum speed without any load on Dewalt DW745 is 3850 RPM. Both models have a 10” blade. Their maximum cutting depth is 3-1/8” when cutting at 90 degrees, 2-1/4” at 45 degrees.

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Ripping Capacity
The biggest advantage of Dewalt DW7480 over Dewalt DW745 is the much wider ripping capacity. The wider ripping capacity will enable you to cut larger sheets easily. The ripping capacity of Dewalt DW745 is only 20” to the right of the blade, 12” to the left of the blade. Dewalt DW7480’s ripping capacity is 24” to the right of the blade, 12” to the left of the blade. Many users have found the increased capacity to be very useful.

Additional Rack
Last but not least, Dewalt DW7480 has an additional rack on the right side of the machine, used to hold the fence. This is a nice design improvement that ensures better stability. Dewalt DW745 does not have this feature.

Dewalt DW745 Vs DW7480

Dewalt DW745Dewalt DW7480
Key features- Powerful 1850 Watt motor for high performance in all applications (1300 Watts 110 version for UK Only) - Fence system provides 610 mm of rip capacity in a portable design for cutting large sheet materials to size- Used for Woodworking, Portable Table Saws - The product is manufactured in Taiwan - Rack and pinion telescoping fence rails make fence adjustments fast, smooth and accurate

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All in all, Dewalt DW7480 is indeed a much better model than Dewalt DW745. The wider ripping capacity and increased blade speed are very beneficial. So, Dewalt DW7480 should be your choice.

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