Cintiq 13HD Vs Intuos Pro

Are you currently confused in choosing between Cintiq 13HD and Intuos Pro? Both are digital drawing pads made by Wacom. For artists and graphic designers who work in a digital environment, having a drawing tablet is essential. It allows you to create graphic arts and pictures directly into digital files. However, Cintiq 13HD is more of a luxurious choice, as the model is priced at a significant price point. Intuos Pro is available at a much more affordable range. Below, we will compare these two models to help you choose. So, continue reading!


Intuos Pro is available in large, medium, and small variants. The small has a 7.2” drawing pad, the medium is about 10”, and the large is about 15”. Of course, the small and medium variants are cheaper, but even the large one is still more affordable compared to Cintiq 13HD. As hinted by the name, Cintiq 13HD is coming with a 13.3” drawing pad and display. (Take a look : Cintiq 13HD Vs 13HD Touch)

There are two critical differences between these two models regarding the drawing pads. Intuos Pro’s is only a drawing pad, which means that it only receives your input and doesn’t actually display your drawing. It needs to be connected to your computer, and the monitor is the one that shows the drawing. On the good side, besides working with the pen, Intuos Pro also supports multi-touch, allowing you to control and command using fingers and smart gestures. On the other hand, Cintiq 13HD’s drawing pad is, in fact, an HD (1920 x 1080) display that both accepts your input and shows your drawing. This feature is very beneficial for people drawing and sketching by hand. The integrated display makes your touch more precise so that your drawing can be more detailed. Nevertheless, Cintiq 13HD does not support multi-touch.

Intuos Pro comes with eight customizable application-specific Express Keys and a multi-function touch ring with four customizable buttons. On the other hand, Cintiq 13HD only has four Express Keys with the rocker ring. These programmable buttons are all very handy and useful. They allow for easy and quick shortcut access to the functions and features that you often use. Cintiq 13HD also includes a three-position stand, which makes it possible for you to work with different positions.

Cintiq 13HD Vs Intuos Pro

Cintiq 13HDIntuos Pro
Key features- Enjoy the natural creative experience of working directly on screen - Pressure (2048 levels) and tilt sensitive Wacom Pro Pen performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers - Premium, 13.3", HD Display (1920 X 1080) with wide viewing angle,get a HDMI to Mini Display Port adapter to connect the DTK1300 to a Macbook Pro- Quickly and professionally edit photos and create digital artwork using natural pen control - Wireless accessory kit included. - 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity in both pen tip and eraser - Zoom, scroll, navigate your artwork with multi-touch surface and gestures

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If you are ready to invest your money and you are very good at drawing by hand, Cintiq 13HD makes an excellent choice. The model provides a reliable way to make precise and well-detailed drawings. However, if you need to save some money, Intuos Pro is good. But you need to get used with the separate display.

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