Innova 3150F Vs 3160G

Having a diagnostic scan tool is very useful for maintaining your vehicle. It allows you to find out what’s wrong when you are encountering a problem with the vehicle. At least, it can help you avoid scams when taking the vehicle to the local mechanic. Below, we will discuss the differences between Innova 3150F vs 3160G diagnostic scan tools.

Continue reading below to find out more about:
– The display size and quality of each model
– The features and capabilities of these diagnostic scan tools
– Which model that can read live data
– The connectivity features of each model
– The included accessories of Innova 3150F vs 3160G
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

You need to know that both Innova 3150 and Innova 3160 are available in some different variants with different displays. There are models that have the same capabilities, but with small black-and-white display which aren’t easy to read. Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are models with the large color displays, and are much easier to use. See also: Actron CP9660 vs CP9670.

Still, Innova 3150F vs 3160G aren’t exactly similar in terms of dimensions. While they both have large color displays, Innova 3150F has a smaller display and a smaller overall size. On the other hand, Innova 3160G comes with a larger 3.5-inch LCD screen and a larger overall size.

Both models are still very portable. They are easy to handle. The curved casing is comfortable to grip, and the buttons are easy to reach. The display of Innova 3150F is not bad at all, but the display of Innova 3160G is definitely better because of the larger size. It is much easier to read without straining your eyes. It can show more information in one screen, hence minimizing scrolling.

Features and Capabilities
Most of the features and capabilities of Innova 3150F vs 3160G are similar. Both models are compatible with all domestic and foreign vehicles from 1996 or newer that use the OBD2 system. They cover cars, SUVs, light trucks, as well as hybrids.

The range of compatible brands and models is really impressive. In addition, both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are able to read various codes, including generic and some brand-specific ones. You can check the definitions of those codes on the official Innova website.

Both models are able to read and clear Check Engine Lights as well as ABS and SRS trouble codes. This is perhaps the most important feature for a diagnostic scan tool, as it allows you to determine what is wrong in your vehicle. Both models have the Freeze Frame capability to show engine-related conditions at the moment the Malfunction Indicator Lamp was activated. In addition, both models can reset Oil Light as well as Battery Maintenance Light & Initialization.

Both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G are able to store the diagnostic data of more than one vehicle. Each of them is able to save the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of the last three scanned vehicles.

Both models are only designed to retrieve information, so they don’t have any risk of damaging your vehicle’s electronic system. Well, they do have the capabilities for initiating the O2 Test, the EVAP System Leak Test, and the Non-Continuous Test for vehicles that support these tests. But, then again, it is impossible for these devices to damage your vehicle’s electronic system, so they are completely safe to use.

Live Data
The biggest distinction between these two models is the Live Data capability. Innova 3150F does not have Live Data, so it can’t read your vehicle’s conditions in real time. It also can’t record the real time conditions for later analysis. This is quite a disadvantage.

Innova 3160G is often preferred by vehicle owners as well as mechanics because of the Live Data capability. This model can read your vehicle’s conditions in real time, so you can know for sure what is currently happening inside. It can stream and graph the real time data so that the information is easier to comprehend. In addition, this model is also able to record the live data for later analysis and evaluation, either on the unit’s display or on your computer.

Mobile App
Both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G have built-in Bluetooth. With the built-in wireless connectivity, you can connect the diagnostic scan tool to your smartphone or tablet. You need to download the Repair Solutions mobile app to take advantage of this connectivity. Once connected to your smartphone or tablet, you can open the Repair Solutions mobile app to get a wide range of information regarding your vehicle’s diagnostics.

On the Repair Solutions mobile app, you can get the definition of the detected Diagnostic Trouble Code. It will explain to you the possible causes of the problem, along with the verified fixes. Furthermore, it can also provide step-by-step videos for the fixes. It even provides estimations for repair costs; you can compare the DIY cost and the repair shop cost.

This app is very useful for people who want to fix their vehicles by themselves. Even so, you still need to be careful. People with little to no knowledge and skill in vehicle mechanics should just ask a professional help to avoid further problems.

Don’t forget that both Innova 3150F and Innova 3160G can get free updates from the company’s official website. You should keep your diagnostic scan tool up to date to ensure that you have the latest information and technology.

What’s Included?
Each of these two models comes with the OBD2 cable for connecting to your vehicle and the USB cable to connect to your computer for transferring data and installing updates. The included OBD2 cable is very nice. The connector is equipped with LED lights for illumination. So, you can easily see the precise location of the port even when you are working in a dim garage.

Innova 3150F Vs 3160G

Innova 3150FInnova 3160G
Key features- CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Read and clear check engine lights (CEL) codes (DTC) on any 1996 & newer OBD2 (OBD II) car, truck, SUV or hybrid. Coverage includes vehicles such as Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Kia and any other makes sold in the US or Canada. Trilingual option allows descriptive definitions to appear in English, Spanish or French.- Read and clear check engine lights on any foreign or domestic 1996 and newer OBD2 car, light truck, SUV, and hybrids - Read and erase ABS & SRS trouble codes on most OBD2 domestic, Asian and European vehicles - Reset oil light on popular OBD2 vehicles - Reset battery maintenance light & Initialization

Customer Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.2 out of 5.0 stars
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Between these two models, Innova 3160G is much more recommended. The primary reason is the Live Data capability. It can stream and graph your vehicle’s conditions in real time. It can also record the real time data for later analysis. In addition, this model also has a larger display screen, so it is easier and more convenient to use.

Actron CP9660 vs CP9670

In this article, we will discuss the differences and comparison between Actron CP9660 vs CP9670, two OBD2/CAN scanners that come from the same manufacturer. Actron is well-known in the automotive world for producing high-quality scanners that greatly help in diagnostics.So, which one is actually better for the money?

Continue reading below to learn more about:
– The similarities between these two models
– The vehicle compatibility of Actron CP9660 and CP9670
– The dimensions of each model
– The display quality of each model
– The distinctive capabilities of Actron CP9660 vs CP9670
– Which model that is generally more recommended

In short, everything that Actron CP9660 can do, Actron CP9670 can do as well. These capabilities include all of the most essential functions. First of all, both models can connect to OBD2 and CAN systems. However, they are not compatible with OBD1 systems. They come with OBD2 cables, so you can use them right away. See also: Fluke 115 vs 117.

Both models are capable of reading live real-time engine data, including the sensor readings, coolant temperature, and RPM level. Furthermore, when they are connected to a vehicle, they can automatically read and show Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), including the pending ones. This is very convenient. They are compatible with more than 4,000 DTC definitions that are commonly used in vehicles.

Both Actron CP9660 vs CP9670 can read and display the MIL status. They can also reset and the MIL and turn off the Check Engine indicator. They can read I/M monitors, Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes, and vehicle VIN data. Finally, both models are capable of reading and displaying freeze frame data, alias the vehicle conditions when a fault happened. So, these devices are very useful for diagnostics and analyzing faulty/damaged vehicles.

Vehicle Compatibility
Both Actron CP9660 and Actron CP9670 are compatible with all domestic and import vehicles that run on OBD2 or CAN from 1996 and later. In addition, they are also compatible with OBD2-compliant vehicles from 1994 and 1995.

These units can read most ABS codes and definitions of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai, especially on vehicles that are produced between 1996 and 2013. Their compatibility is really wide, so you probably won’t find any issue. They can read vehicle VIN data for models from 2000 or newer.

However, Actron CP9670 offers an even wider compatibility. While the cheaper model, Actron CP9660, only reads mostly generic codes, Actron CP9670 is also able to read manufacturer-specific DTC definitions. This is definitely very useful when dealing with certain vehicles and conditions. This also allows Actron CP9670 to provide live real-time data with more than 300 data PIDs. The data will be more complete, so you can perform more accurate diagnostics.

In addition, Actron CP9670 comes with the AutoID feature. Actron CP9660 doesn’t have this feature. With the AutoID feature, Actron CP9670 can automatically detect and identify most vehicles that are produced in 2000 or newer. This feature makes diagnostics and analysis quicker and easier.

Actron CP9660 is a bit smaller and lighter. It measures 9.30 inches x 6.30 inches x 1.40 inches. The weight is approximately 0.70 lbs. The build quality is good. The casing is apparently made from hard plastic, but it is sturdy and durable. The buttons are also solid and precise.

Actron CP9670 is a bit bigger and heavier. The display is notable larger. This unit measures 10.20 inches x 6.50 inches x 1.50 inches and weighs about 0.80 lbs. The casing is also hard plastic, but it looks better with a gloss finish. The top panel is colored black. The buttons are solid and precise too.

Display Quality
One significant difference between Actron CP9660 vs CP9670 is the display quality. Some people prefer Actron CP9670 over Actron CP9660 because of the display quality alone.

The display screen on Actron CP9660 is much smaller. It can only show a few lines of text. In addition, it is only a monochrome display screen, so everything is black and white. Due to the small size of the display, you will need to press the up and down buttons frequently to scroll. Reading the display can be a bit difficult when under direct sunlight.

The display of Actron CP9670 is much easier to read. It is much larger, so that it can show multiple lines. Furthermore, it is a color display. The colors make the operation more intuitive and more convenient. You can see more information without scrolling up and down repeatedly.

Features and Capabilities
You may consider Actron CP9660 to be quite basic, because Actron CP9670 comes with more advanced capabilities. As mentioned above, Actron CP9670 can AutoID vehicles and is compatible with manufacturer-specific DTCs. In addition, this unit can record, playback, and graph live data, so it is very useful for in-depth analysis.

Besides reading DTCs, Actron CP9670 can also erase them. The unit gives visual indicators when communicating and retrieving data from the vehicle, so you can know for precise whether the connection is working or not. It can read VIN, Cal ID, and CVN data of a vehicle.

Furthermore, Actron CP9670 comes with an acronym library and component locator. So, this model is suitable for beginners. The acronym library will help you understand technical terms. It can also provide full PID descriptions in the live data. The component locator provides a text-based description for the location of a component in the vehicle, and is definitely very helpful for both beginners and experienced users, as different vehicles may put things in different spots.

Finally, Actron CP9660 only supports English. This model does not support any other language by default. Actron CP9670 is already a trilingual device right out of the box. It supports English, Spanish, and French by default. So, Actron CP9670 is recommended for people who prefer to speak Spanish or French.

Actron CP9660 vs CP9670

Actron CP9660Actron CP9670
Key features- Reads ABS & OBD II generic codes for 1996 and newer vehicles - Live data vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time - Global OBD II Read/Erase codes commands with manufacturer specific definitions- Easy to read color LCD screen and Trilingual menu - Read & ErasABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles - Read & Erase DTCs

Customer Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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Between these two models, Actron CP9670 is definitely more recommended. This model has a much better display screen. It also has more extensive features and capabilities, such as the ability to automatically identify vehicles and the ability to record and graph live data. It is also suitable for beginners, as it comes with an acronym library and component locator. It supports English, Spanish, and French right out of the box.

Razor E300 Vs Razor E325

Razor E300 and E325 does look very similar and many people are wondering how they are actually different from each other, which is why we made this article today. If you are interested on knowing more, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Razor E300 and Razor E325
– What Razor E300 and Razor E325 can offer to you
– Razor E300 vs Razor E325

About Razor E300
Razor E300 is an electric scooter manufactured by the same name company; RazorUSA LLC, which is an American designer and manufacturer of personal transporters or electric rideables. Razor E300 is one of the biggest electric scooter in its range with pretty standard look and a subtle style. The company claims that this scooter is one among their fastest products they have offered this far. Razor E300 is designed for teenagers and adult with a maximum capacity until 220 pounds and maximum speed at 15 mph even though the unit only weighing at 46 pounds. The power switch is located on the side of the deck near the charging port.

Razor E300 Features
Razor E300 comes with extra wide 10” pneumatic tires to makes it easier for you to control the vehicle as well as providing better comfort. The unit is big enough to be used by teenager with its wide deck and frame. Similar like riding a motorcycle, Razor E300 also comes with twist grip speed control, so you can enhance the speed by simply twisting the throttle. Positioning your vehicle also made simpler with retractable kickstand. After you receive your Razor E300, you will need to assemble it first, but worry not, since the unit already comes with all the tools you need to assemble it. Razor E300 is using 24 volt last longing battery and you will need around 12 hour to fully charged the unit from its empty state, but once it is full, you can use it non-stop for 40 minutes straight.

About Razor E325
Razor E325 is an electric scooter that look very similar to its brother we have talked above, the Razor E300. This electric scooter is aimed toward young teenager, but adult may use it to if wished since the vehicle can withstand 220 pounds at its maximum capacity. The Razor E325 have no seat, so you have to ride it while standing, but with the large built and large board, the unit is still very comfortable to ride even by adult. The design is still the same with Razor E300 and doesn’t really have any stylish point or such to enhance the scooter appearance.

Razor E325 Features
Razor E325 comes with extra wide tires at 10” inch wide to enhance comfort ability and ease of maneuver when in use. With maximum speed at 15 mph, you definitely can feel the breeze while riding your vehicle and the battery is said to be able to last until 45 minutes in constant use. When the battery runs out, you will need to charge it for about 12 hours, even if the indicator show it is full before the time, you may want to keep charging it. Adjusting the speed is also made easy by utilizing its throttle and retractable stand to position your Razor E325 when not in use.

Now, let’s compare Razor E300 with Razor E325. Both of them look just the same and you probably can’t differentiate them if not looking at their series under the board. Both of them also have the same exact features with very slight difference, which might be caused by the difference in fabrication dates. Many people have been asked Razor itself about the difference in these two units, and their reply is both series have the same features and but have different code names for different resellers.

Razor E300 Vs Razor E325

Razor E300Razor E325
Key features- Speeds up to 15 mph - Up to 40 minutes of continuous use - Super-sized deck and frame - High torque, chain driven motor - Twist-grip acceleration control- Electric scooter with extra-large deck frame for older kid/teen riders - Extra-wide, smooth-rolling 10-inch pneumatic tires - Ultra-quiet chain-drive motor reaches speeds of up to 15 miles per hour

Customer Rating3.9 out of 5.0 stars3.9 out of 5.0 stars
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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. As you already know, both units have the same features but comes in different price. In our opinion, it is best to opt for the cheaper one Razor E300.

Kershaw Blur Vs Cryo

In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between two pocket knives from Kershaw, which are Kershaw Blur vs Cryo. These two folding knives are similar that they are both very lightweight and they come with the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism. However, Kershaw Blur is sold at a higher price point because of some reasons, such as the better blade quality and solid aluminum handle. On the other hand, Kershaw Cryo is smaller and slimmer, and it is a good choice if you prefer a compact budget-friendly knife. Continue reading below for the detailed comparisons!

Between these two knives, Kershaw Blur is the longer and slightly heavier one. The total length of the knife is about 8 inches, more or less, and the closed length is 4.5 inches. The weight is about 4.2 oz – which is virtually the same as the Cryo. You probably will not notice the difference. Kershaw Blur comes with tapered thumb stud, and there is a pocket clip for easy carrying.

On the other hand, Kershaw Cryo is smaller and more compact. The total length is only about 6.5 inches. The closed length is about 3.75 inches. It is a little bit lighter at 4.1 oz, but you will not notice the difference. There is an adjustable pocket clip which allows you to carry the knife in any position you desire. You can set the tip to face either up or down, for your left or right carry.

Blade Quality
One of the biggest differences between Kershaw Blur vs Cryo is on the blade. Kershaw Blur comes with a better quality blade that is made of the Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel. This material has great strength, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. You will love its performance and durability. In addition, the longer blade (3.375 inches) also makes it more effective and efficient for slicing and cutting.

On the other hand, Kershaw Cryo comes with a 2.75-inch blade that is made of the 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This material is widely considered as a value choice; it is easy to sharpen and fairly solid, but it has low corrosion resistance. On the good side, the knife does come with a titanium carbo-nitride coating for additional protection against corrosion. The blade design also incorporates a thick spine for extra toughness.

Handle and Opening
Kershaw Blur heavily relies on the SpeedSafe system for opening. This is an assisted opening mechanism that is activated by pressing on the thumb stud. Although some people don’t like assisted opening, the one on Kershaw Blur is good. It is quite fast and efficient. The lock is solid and durable.

The handle of Kershaw Blur is made of the 6061-T6 anodized aluminum. It is very tough and durable. Don’t worry about the handling because the handle scales have Trac-Tec rubber inserts, which greatly improve the handling. It feels nice and comfortable.

Kershaw Cryo does come with interesting features. The SpeedSafe system on the Cryo is integrated to a ‘flipper’ which is actually a protrusion on the back of the blade. You can adjust your carry position in order to utilize the flipper. It allows you to quickly open the blade at the moment you pull your knife from your pocket.

Kershaw Cryo comes with a metallic handle that also has the titanium carbo-nitride coating. Unfortunately, the handle does not have inserts. As the effect, it may be a little slippery when held in a wet hand.

Kershaw Blur Vs Cryo

Kershaw BlurKershaw Cryo
Key features- SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes for easy one-handed safe opening with thumbstud - Reversible pocketclip allows for carry tip up or tip down on the right side using pre-drilled holes - Knife blade held in place with a secure liner lock, giving the knife a slim, sleek and stylish design while keeping the blade secure and the user safe- Designed by Rick Hinderer and precision engineered by Kershaw - 2.75-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade features excellent toughness, edge retention and wear and corrosion resistance - Great companion for any hiker, landscaper, backpacker, hunter, wilderness guide, electrician or anyone in need of a reliable everyday carry

Customer Rating4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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In general, Kershaw Blur is more recommended. It has a tougher, more durable blade and a better handle. The longer blade will allow you to handle various tasks more easily. On the other hand, Kershaw Cryo is actually quite good, but the poor handling is an issue.

Leatherman Rebar Vs Sidekick

In terms of looks and specs, Rebar and Sidekick are indeed quite similar. They both boast Leatherman’s distinctive high-quality finish. However, the differences between Leatherman Rebar vs Sidekick become much clearer the moment you pick them up. Rebar is a full-sized multi-tool suitable for heavy-duty uses, whereas Sidekick is a more portable and practical model suitable for light EDC tasks. Continue reading below for the detailed comparisons between these two great multi-tools!

Size and Portability
The first thing that you may need to consider when choosing between Leatherman Rebar vs Sidekick is the portability. Well, the Rebar is actually quite portable. It is only 4 inches long when folded, with a weight of about 6.7 oz. However, it only has a lanyard ring without any pocket clip, so you’ll need the sheath to carry it around. In addition, the Rebar comes with a traditional design which requires you to unfold the whole device to access the built-in tools. After all, this model is designed by focusing on the heavy-duty pliers.

On the other hand, Leatherman Sidekick is a lot more practical and portable. It has a more compact size; it is only 3.8 inches when folded. The weight is about 7 oz. It features a lanyard ring and a very nice replaceable pocket clip. In addition, the Sidekick features outside-accessible tools and has been optimized to allow one-handed operation. It is very handy.

Rebar’s Built-in Tools
Leatherman Rebar comes with a total of 17 built-in tools. It comes with the regular pliers, needlenose pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, premium replaceable hard wire cutters, wire stripper, electrical crimper, plain and serrated knives, saw, ruler, can and bottle openers, awl, wood/metal file, and three screwdrivers.

The Rebar does not have scissors, but the knives are already sufficient to get things done.It is kind of unfortunate that the Rebar does not have any spring-action mechanism. But this is quite understandable. Apparently, the manufacturer decided not to add a spring action in order to keep it lightweight. One great thing is that the wire cutters are all replaceable. You can replace them once they are worn off.

As a full-sized multi-tool, Leatherman Rebar boasts highly sturdy and durable pliers. The pliers are tough and beefy, suitable for heavy-duty tasks. This is a great multi-tool for professional uses.

Sidekick’s Built-in Tools
On the other hand, Leatherman Sidekick comes with 14 built-in tools. It has the spring-action regular pliers, spring-action needlenose pliers, spring-action wire cutters, wire stripper, plain and serrated knives, saw, ruler, can and bottle openers, wood/metal file, and three screwdrivers.

The Sidekick does not come with the electrical crimper, hard wire cutters, and awl. One cool feature is the spring-action mechanism, which makes the usage so easy and convenient. However, the wire cutters are not replaceable.

The Sidekick’s pliers are not really beefy. They are medium-sized, and they are not as durable as the Rebar’s pliers. Leatherman Sidekick is more suitable for light-duty tasks. It is not tough enough for heavy-duty tasks.

Leatherman Rebar Vs Sidekick

Leatherman RebarLeatherman Sidekick
Key features- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Rebar is equipped with 17 tools, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, an electrical crimper, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, an awl, and a ruler. - ALWAYS ON HAND: With its compact size, lightweight design, and lanyard ring, your Rebar is always within reach and ready to work.- FIT MORE FUNCTIONALITY: The Sidekick is equipped with 14 tools, including knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, and a ruler. - ALWAYS ON HAND: Its compact size and lightweight design makes it easy to slide into a sheath or your pocket. Alternatively, attach your Sidekick with its integrated lanyard ring.

Customer Rating4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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If you need a tough, durable multi-tool that is suitable for light and heavy tasks, Leatherman Rebar should be your choice. This is a great multi-tool for professional uses. However, if you prefer a portable and practical multi-tool that you can carry around easily, Leatherman Sidekick makes a good choice. It is great for light-duty tasks.

Razor MX500 Vs MX650

No one does better than Razor when it comes to high-performance electric toys. Razor’s products ranging from simple scooters to powerful dirt bikes are all loved by children. In the following article, we will discuss the comparisons between Razor MX500 vs MX650, two electric dirt bikes that are both highly rated by the users. They have very good performance, and their steel frames are highly durable. So, which one is better?

The Similarities
There are several similarities between Razor MX500 and Razor MX650. First of all, they both have rugged steel frame. These aren’t cheap plastic vehicles; they are built on strong and sturdy frames that can certainly survive most bumps and jumps. Considering the fact that a dirt bike usually faces heavy and demanding terrains, having a strong metal frame on your dirt bike is a must. See also: Razor MX500 vs SX500.

Both of these two models also boast dual suspension systems. Having a dual suspension system is another important feature that you want to have on your dirt bike. A dual suspension system will make the ride a lot more pleasant, as it will greatly soften the bumps and vibrations as you ride through an uneven ground. It also helps to protect the frame from too much impact.

Both models also feature pneumatic knobby tires. These tires are highly durable, and they can provide excellent grip and traction on unpaved terrains. They deliver excellent performance. Both bikes also have dual disc brakes that provide great and confident stopping power.

Each of these two dirt bikes is powered by a rechargeable battery system of 3 x 12V sealed lead acid batteries. This battery system can provide a usage time of up to 40 minutes per charge. Such duration should be enough for having fun. When driven continuously, it can go for about 10 miles before needing a recharge. Not bad at all. It takes about 8 hours to charge, which may be quite long and frustrating, but still better than an electric kart battery which can take as much as 12 hours to recharge fully.

Minimum User Age
The first difference between Razor MX500 vs MX650 is the minimum user age. Razor MX500 is recommended for users of at least 14 years old, whereas Razor MX650 is for users of at least 16 years old.

These limits may be a little surprising. Apparently, the company has been a bit overcautious when implementing these terms. Still, as a parent, you should be the wise one, and you know your child’s capabilities more than anyone else.If you are certain that your young child can handle a dirt bike like Razor MX500 or Razor MX650, then go for it!

Razor MX500 is a little bit smaller than Razor MX650, and the top speed is also a little bit slower. With its size, this dirt bike can be easily handled by a confident 10-year-old kid. Then again, whether to give this dirt bike to a younger child or not depends on not only the physical development but also emotional maturity. You definitely don’t want to give a fast, powerful dirt bike to a child with road rages and impulses.

It should be noted that Razor MX650 is bigger and is slightly faster. So, this model is more suitable for older children and teenagers. Make sure that you equip your child with a safety helmet and perhaps elbow and knee protectors to ride a dirt bike.

Maximum Weight Limit
The next difference between Razor MX500 vs MX650 is the maximum user weight limit. Razor MX500 can take a load of up to 175 lbs, whereas Razor MX650 is rated to be able to hold a load as much as 220 lbs.

Honestly, these limits are very generous. Their steel frames are incredibly rugged and durable. In fact, smaller adults can easily ride these bikes without breaking them. Still, it is best to follow the recommendation, just in case. Just know that these dirt bikes are even more rugged than what the limits suggest.

Body Color
These two dirt bikes indeed come with different colors. Apparently, they don’t have other color choices. So, if you really want to change the color of the dirt bike, you need to do it yourself.

Razor MX500 comes with a red body with cool blazing graphics on the sides. The seat and the engine compartment are black.

On the other hand, Razor MX650 features a sporty yellow body. It also has graphics on the sides, and the seat is also black. The engine casing is metallic silver.

Power and Top Speed
Of course, the most highlighted differences between Razor MX500 vs MX650 is the power and speed. Actually, their names indicate their motors’ capabilities. Razor MX500 is equipped with a 500-Watt motor, which can deliver a top speed of 15 mph. This is just about as fast as a road bike at maximum cadence.

On the other hand, Razor MX650 comes with a 650-Watt motor. The powerful motor can speed up the bike to 17 mph. Such difference is not a dramatic difference, but still noticeable. The higher top speed makes this bike more suitable for older children and teenagers who know how to control their vehicles.

Finally the last difference between Razor MX500 and Razor MX650 is the price. However, the price difference is not very big. You can get Razor MX with a budget of less than five hundred bucks, whereas Razor MX650 requires less than five hundred and fifty bucks. So, you can say that the price difference is marginal.

Razor MX500 Vs MX650

Razor MX500Razor MX650
Key features- Scaled-down electric motocross bike with powerful 500-watt electric motor - Carries riders at speeds of up to 15 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry - Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride- Compact electric motocross bike with powerful 650-watt electric motor - Carries riders at speeds of up to 17 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry - Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride

Customer Rating4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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So, choosing between Razor MX500 and Razor MX650 mostly depends on your child’s body size and how fast you want the dirt bike to be. For a younger child, Razor MX500 is generally more suitable. It will be easier to ride and control because it has a smaller body. It has a red body. However, for a bigger child, Razor MX650 is definitely more suitable. This model is larger and has a higher weight limit. In addition, this model also goes a little faster. The body color is sporty yellow.

Razor MX500 Vs SX500

Dirt bikes have become incredibly popular for kids. For sure, dirt bikes offer more fun than tricycles and bicycles. Adventurous kids love dirt bikes, as they can give a little more excitement to spice up the days. Razor, one of the most well-known companies to produce scooters and bikes for kids, has released several dirt bike models that are suitable for kids and teenagers. In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between Razor MX500 vs SX500, which are two dirt bike models that seem to share a lot of similarities to each other. Which one is better? Find out below!

Design and Dimensions
Razor MX500 is an authentic dirt bike that offers a sporty design and super-charged performance. The body comes in a red color, with cool blazing graphics on the sides. The seat and engine casing are glossy black. For sure, any kid will feel proud and confident riding this bike.

Well, Razor SX500 also comes with a sporty design. It has a green color. The black seat is striped with green lines, whereas the engine casing is gray. This model is specially designed by Razor in a collaboration with the famous motocross rider, Jeremy McGrath. If you know the guy, you can clearly see how Razor SX500 has faithfully reproduced the design of Jeremy’s big bike. The resemblance makes this model really cool.

Dimension-wise, though, Razor MX500 vs SX500 are identical. Each of them measures 56” x 24.5” x 36”. In addition, they each also weigh 98 lbs. Because of these similarities, you may suspect that Razor SX500 is just a rebranded version of Razor MX500. However, this is not entirely true. The SX500 obviously uses MX500 as the template, but there are a few different features, which we will see below.

Both Razor MX500 and Razor SX500 have steel frames that are highly rugged and durable. They have the same maximum weight limit, which is 175 lbs – most teenagers and adults can use these dirt bikes without any issue. Both of the two models are recommended for users of at least 14 years old. They are not recommended for younger kids because they are pretty heavy and they can be quite fast.

These two dirt bikes are highly durable. They are ready to withstand some real adventures on dirt tracks. The steel frames are very solid and almost impossible to break. In addition, both MX500 and SX500 have dual suspension systems that enable them to absorb and reduce any impact. They are very comfortable to ride. However, note that these two models may require some assembly before they are ready for use.

As mentioned above, MX500 has a black engine casing whereas SX500 comes with a gray engine casing. However, the casing of SX500 seems to be more robust and durable. The screws and joints are tighter, and there is no way for dust and moisture to penetrate past the protective cover.

Both models have adjustable riser handlebars. Having an adjustable riser handlebar is a vital feature if you are not sure whether the bike will fit your kid or not. You can easily adjust the handlebar to fit it with your kid’s physicality.

Both Razor MX500 vs SX500 have twist-grips and hand-operated brakes. They are just like real motocross bikes. Their dual disc brakes are awesome; the brakes have serious stopping power. Each bike’s brake bar is sturdy, durable, and precise. It responds very well to your hand, and the brake pads are very robust to deliver immediate stopping whenever needed.

However, the brakes are not forever invincible. The brakes can wear off, and this may happen fairly quickly if the brakes are often used for heavy braking. Fortunately, finding replacement brake pads for both MX500 and SX500 is an easy task. You can just head to the official website to find one.

In addition, each of the two dirt bikes is equipped with a retractable kickstand. It is quite sturdy and durable to hold the bike in its position. Each unit is also equipped with folding metal foot pegs which feel sturdy and strong. The folding foot pegs are nice, as you can simply fold the foot pegs when the bike is not in use.

The next significant difference between Razor MX500 vs SX500 is their tires.Razor MX500 is equipped with high-quality pneumatic tires; the front tire is 16” whereas the rear tire is 14”. They are quite durable, and the knobby tread elements ensure great grip and traction on any terrain.

However, Razor SX500 comes with what the company describes as “motorcycle-spec tires”. As a matter of fact, the tires look similar to those of Razor MX500. The front tire is also 16” and the rear tire is also 14”. Nevertheless, these tires look thicker, so we can expect these tires on Razor SX500 to be tougher and more durable.

Razor MX500 uses the same engine as Razor SX500. The high-torque chain-driven motor supports variable speed, and is quite powerful and responsive. The motor responds very well to the control of the twist grip, so that the rider can get to the right speed on any terrain condition.

Both dirt bikes can be quite fast. They can speed up to 15 mph, which is great for kids to have fun. However, make sure that your kid is properly protected with a helmet and protectors to reduce any risk.

Each bike runs on a 36V sealed lead acid battery system. Their batteries are rechargeable. However, the maximum battery life is only 40 minutes. So, these bikes are only for fun rather than some real traveling or serious racing.

Razor MX500 Vs SX500

Razor MX500Razor SX500
Key features- Scaled-down electric motocross bike with powerful 500-watt electric motor - Carries riders at speeds of up to 15 mph; authentic dirt bike frame geometry - Dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth, comfortable ride- Inspired by the winningest motocross rider in history, Jeremy McGrath! - Complete with authentic McGrath graphics and fairing design, genuine dirt bike frame geometry and a high-torque, variable speed motor for a super-charged experience

Customer Rating4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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Razor MX500 and Razor SX500 are indeed very similar, but there are some differences. Razor MX500 comes with an original design, whereas Razor SX500 is modeled after Jeremy McGrath’s motocross bike. Razor SX500 is more recommended because it comes with more robust and durable tires. However, most of the other features are similar, such as the adjustable riser handlebar, dual disc brakes, and variable-speed motor.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Vs Original Desert Boot

Clarks Bushacre 2 and Clarks Original Desert Boot indeed loo similar. They both are designed to be desert boots, and they each have a heel counter that adds a stylish touch to the overall appearance. However, Clarks Bushacre 2 is available at a slightly more affordable price point than Clarks Original Desert Boot. So, does it mean that Clarks Bushacre 2 is not as comfortable or durable? Below, we will discuss about the comparisons between Clarks Bushacre 2vs Original Desert Boot. Continue reading!

Upper Design
Indeed, these two models share quite a lot of resemblances to each other. As desert boots, they maintain the two-piece construction design. Both Clarks Bushacre 2 and Clarks Original Desert Boot have leather uppers. The quarters are double stitched onto the vamp to enhance the sturdiness and durability. Their stitches are solid and of good quality.

You can also notice that each of them uses two pairs of eyelets for the lacing. Such design creates a low-profile, easy-going look. The lacing creates a good fit without making it too snug.

Nevertheless, Clarks Bushacre 2 actually has a slightly taller shaft. The shaft measures 4.5” from the arch. On the other hand, Clarks Original Desert Boot has a shaft that measures 4.25” from the arch. The slightly taller shaft allows for a better, snugger fit as well as slightly better protection. But the difference is not very significant.

Sole Construction
The most significant difference between Clarks Bushacre 2 vs Original Desert Boot is the sole material. Although they look similar, these two boots actually use different materials for their soles. There are pros and cons for each model.

Clarks Bushacre 2 is equipped with a synthetic rubber sole. As a matter of fact, this rubber sole is actually more durable. It resists wear better than the crepe sole of Clarks Original Desert Boot. It can last for a longer time. The grip on the road is good. It provides good traction and it is unlikely to slip. However, this rubber sole is not silent. You can hear the footsteps from as the user walks.

On the other hand, Clarks Original Desert Boot is equipped with a crepe sole. The crepe sole is not very durable. It is very easy to wear off. Make sure that you don’t use this boot for any thing too demanding if you want it to last. However, the grip is excellent. It provides very good traction in various situations, including on wet roads. In addition, the crepe sole is very silent. It allows you to sneak up to people without being heard. Some people prefer this boot due to this specific reason.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Vs Original Desert Boot

Clarks Bushacre 2Clarks Original Desert Boot
Key features- Leather - Imported - Synthetic sole - Shaft measures approximately 4.5" from arch - Heel measures approximately 1"- Leather - Imported - Crepe sole - Platform measures approximately 0.5" - Stabilizing suede-lined heel counter

Customer Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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If durability is your top priority, you should choose Clarks Bushacre 2. It has a rubber sole that is more durable. It can last for a longer time, which results in a better value for the money. However, you can choose Clarks Original Desert Boot if you simply prefer the premium feel of the sole. The crepe sole has excellent traction and is very silent.

Bowflex PR3000 Vs Xtreme 2

Bowflex PR3000 and Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE are two of the more advanced home gym models offered from the company. These two models are similar that they each have a vertical platform that is relatively more space-friendly than horizontal platforms. Nevertheless, Bowflex PR3000 is available at a lower price point than Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE. So, why is the price difference? What is the difference between Bowflex PR3000 vs Xtreme 2 SE? Continue reading below to determine the best home gym for you!

Design and Dimensions
Bowflex PR3000 and Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE are similar in terms of dimensions. They are about the same size. They each have a space requirement of 96” long, 78” wide, and 83” tall. They even each weigh approximately 203 lbs. If you don’t have much room in your home for a home gym, you should consider getting a model with a vertical platform, in which case Bowflex PR3000 and Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE make suitable options. The vertical platform has been designed to minimize the space requirement.

These two models share a lot of resemblances to each other. Some notable differences are the padded back and the lat tower. Bowflex PR3000 has a rectangular padded back and a pair of high pulleys. On the other hand, Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE’s curved padded back is wider and it has an angled lat bar.

Grip Options
The next difference between these two models is that Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is equipped with multiple grip options. Unlike Bowflex PR3000, it comes with the regular grip, non-grip cuff, shoulder cuff, ankle cuff, and foot cuff. These options are very nice, as they add more leg exercises that other models can’t provide.

Both PR3000 and Xtreme 2 SE use the Power Rod technology to provide resistance. They both use the No-Change Cable Pulley System so that the user can continue exercising without having to change any cable. The standard resistance is 210 lbs. Bowflex PR3000 can be upgraded to 310 lbs, whereas Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE can be upgraded further to 410 lbs.

It is also important to note that each of the two models comes with the 1-year frame warranty and 60-day parts warranty. However, Bowflex PR3000’s resistance is protected by a 7-year warranty, which is already very good. On the other hand, Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE comes with the same frame and parts warranties, but the resistance warranty lasts for a lifetime.

Built-in Exercises
Finally, the difference between Bowflex PR3000 vs Xtreme 2 SE comes down to the number of built-in exercises. Well, neither of the two has a rowing machine. Bowflex PR3000 has a total of 50 built-in exercises which include various arm, shoulder, chest, back, abs, and leg exercises. On the other hand, Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE has a total of 70 built-in exercises, featuring a squat station, abdominal crunch shoulder harness, abs attachment, and preacher curl attachment.

Bowflex PR3000 Vs Xtreme 2

Bowflex PR3000Bowflex Xtreme 2
Key features- Get a total body strength workout with affordable home gym; no cable changes needed between sets - - Provides as little as five or as many as 210 pounds of resistance via Bowflex Power Rods (upgradeable to 310 pounds)- Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately - Offers over 70 exercises for a total body workout - 210-pounds of power rod resistance is upgradeable to 310-pounds or 410-pounds

Customer Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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Between these two models, Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE indeed makes the better option. Its resistance is upgradeable to a higher weight, and the multiple grip options have allowed many more exercises. The lifetime warranty on the Power Rod system is great.

WD My Cloud Vs Seagate Personal Cloud

In recent years, product hard drive (HDD) that is specifically intended for use in NAS (Network Attached Storage) more and more to offer. At a glance, HDD for NAS is no different from the HDD to the PC in General, with the same size, the same capacity, and similar forms as well. Then, if told to choose, the NAS from which brand should be chosen? Whether a recommendation between WD My Cloud vs Seagate Personal Cloud being the best? We see from the article that we’ve made below.

WD My Cloud
Network attached storage device (NAS) named this WD My Cloud could indeed be transformed into cloud storage service which can be accessed from a variety of devices for both of them to connect to the internet. The body does not look stiff and more stylish than most NAS. It is also easy to operate, even to replace hard disk is quite open with the top cover, and then remove the hard disk from the two slots available. Not only in terms of body design, NAS also has friendly software for its users. The operating system interface My Cloud OS 3 has a very simple design. Even ordinary users ever I think can learn and utilize a variety of features with ease. Thanks to the operating system, NAS can also be connected to a variety of mobile devices based on Android and iOS. As for performance, the WD My Mirror Cloud belongs to the Gen 2 has better performance. From the testing that has been done, the NAS has a data transfer speed is not fast but not too slow. Set of 1 GB files can be transferred with an average time of 2 minutes 30 seconds, slower than the average transfer time NAS ever tested in Even so, the difference is not too great. WD My Mirror Cloud Gen 2 is indeed not perfect. He still has some shortcomings, but still quite tolerable and can be fixed in the future.

Seagate Personal Cloud
There are two variants of the Personal Cloud NAS introduced by Seagate, namely Personal Cloud and Personal Cloud 2-Bay. Both have a similar feature, it’s just a variant of 2-Bay equipped with RAID capability, thus enabling a more diverse configuration for storage utilization in it, such as for data backup using RAID 1. Both NAS is also carrying special features of Seagate in the form of more support for easy data access from multiple devices. Through the application of Seagate Media, various devices can access data in the Personal Cloud with ease as long as they are connected to the NAS whether from a local network or the Internet. Those devices include Smart TV from LG and Samsung, Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, iOS or Android smartphone with, as well as a tablet with iOS, Android, or Windows 8/Windows 8.1. In addition, with the features of DLNA Media Server, a device that has supported DLNA certainly can directly access and play multimedia files from NAS. NAS Personal Cloud itself will be present in some capacity, i.e. options ranging from 3 TB, 4 TB, 5 TB and for Personal Cloud standards. While for Personal Cloud 2-Bay, 4 TB capacity options available, 6 TB and 8 TB.

WD My Cloud Vs Seagate Personal Cloud

WD My CloudSeagate Personal Cloud
Key features- 4TB Storage Capacity, Back up files from all your computers - Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0, Blazing-fast file transfers - Package Includes: Personal cloud storage, Ethernet cable, AC adapter and Quick Install Guide, DLNA 1.5 and UPnP Certified- Easily share your files and folders with friends and family with secure URL links - Back up all the computers and mobile devices in your home - PC, Mac, iOS, and Android - Securely access your files from anywhere - at home or on-the-road

Customer Rating3.5 out of 5.0 stars3.4 out of 5.0 stars
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In the conclusion of WD My Cloud vs Seagate Personal Cloud, we personally prefer WD My Cloud. Because of certain case like if you try to access some files on Seagate, such as mp3 or avi, their default software will not allow a continuous download. It freezes after a few tens of megabytes. Yes, we are also prejudiced in favor of WD hardware as experience has been it’s more reliable and their customer service better.