Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 700

Many electronic devices normally come with their own remotes, but having multiple remotes in your home can be incredibly confusing at times. A universal remote can be a real life-saver by centralizing the control of your appliances to a single stick. In this article, we will discuss about two universal remotes from Logitech, which are Logitech Harmony 650 vs 700.

Read on below to read more about:
– The design of each Logitech universal remote
– Whether these remotes are easy to set up and use
– The max number of devices that can be controlled by each remote
– The features and compatibility of Logitech Harmony 650 vs 700
– The battery type and battery life of each remote
– Which model that is generally more recommended

From the design perspective, Logitech Harmony 650 and Logitech Harmony 700 do share many similarities. For sure, the button layouts are identical. There is the power button on the uppermost of each remote, followed by shortcut buttons to TV, movie, music, activities, and the Help button, and then the square display screen.

The two remotes also come with the same display screen. The display is very nice because it can show brilliant colors. While the resolution isn’t terribly high, it is quite easy to read. The color display makes the remote easy and intuitive to operate.

Both remotes are comfortable to hold, thanks to the ergonomic curves on the sides. The only difference between Logitech Harmony 650 vs 700 is the colors. Logitech Harmony 650 has a silver color. The buttons are mostly black, with the color buttons above the directional pad having black borders.

On the other hand, Logitech Harmony 700 comes in black. The buttons have slightly different colors; the shortcut buttons on the top are dark maroon, while the color buttons above the directional pad don’t have any black border. Actually, Logitech Harmony 700 looks more stylish due to the color combination.

Maximum Number of Devices
This is one of the biggest differences between Logitech Harmony 650 vs 700. For many people, a major advantage that Logitech Harmony 650 offers is the ability to control up to 8 devices with just a single remote. With this universal remote, you can really say goodbye to jumbling remotes on the coffee table!

According to the manufacturer, Logitech Harmony 650 is compatible with more than 225,000 devices from over 6000 brands. With such vast compatibility, you can be almost completely certain that it can work with all the devices in your home. It is definitely a great choice if you need something that can work with not only your existing equipment, but also your future purchases. (See also : Logitech Harmony 600 Vs 650)

On the other hand, Logitech Harmony 700 can only control up to 6 devices with a single remote. This is despite the fact that Logitech Harmony 700 also has very wide compatibility; it is just as vast as Logitech Harmony 650. Apparently, Logitech Harmony 700 has a more limited memory, hence the lower maximum number of devices that it can control.

For some people, being able to control just 6 devices using the remote is not enough. Not to mention the future purchases that you probably want to pair with your universal remote as well. However, if you only have a few devices and you think that it is sufficient, Logitech Harmony 700 is still a pretty good choice.

If you are an expert or experienced user, you probably will appreciate the ability to program a sequence on your universal remote. By programming your universal remote to suit your particular habits, you can make the operation a lot more streamlined, efficient, and convenient. For example, you can create a sequence for watching a movie with your home theater system.

Logitech Harmony 650 has this feature. With Logitech Harmony 650, you can create sequences for specific activities. A sequence is a series of operation of one or more devices. It is like a multi-device macro. For example, for watching movies, you can make a sequence in which the remote will automatically turn on the television, turn on the home theater system, and turn off the lamps. This is incredibly convenient.

On the other hand, Logitech Harmony 700 does not have this feature. It is quite a significant drawback. With Logitech Harmony 700, you can still control various devices, but you need to deliver the commands one by one.

Logitech Harmony 650 works with regular AA batteries. Well, you can use rechargeable batteries, of course, but keep in mind that you need to recharge the batteries with your own device. Using non-rechargeable batteries is fine, as the batter life is quite long.

According to the user reviews, each set of batteries on Logitech Harmony 650 can last for about 3 – 4 months. So, you probably will need to replace the batteries three times or four times a year.

On the other hand, Logitech Harmony 700 has a charging port on the remote. As the effect, you can use rechargeable batteries without having to take out the batteries to recharge. Simply plug the remote to a power outlet.

At first, Logitech Harmony 700 may seem like a convenient solution due to the charging port. However, this is actually not the case. According to the user reviews, if you use rechargeable batteries, the battery life is only a few days. Hence, you will need to recharge the remote frequently every several days.

Setup and Operation
Both remotes here follow the same setup process as many other Logitech Harmony remotes. The process is easy and quick. First of all, you need to connect your Logitech Harmony 650 or Logitech Harmony 700 to your personal computer by using the included USB cable. Afterwards, you need to install the Logitech Harmony software.

The software’s wizard will guide you throughout the setup process. You will be asked to enter all the devices that you want to control using the universal remote, along with their specific functions. You also define which devices that are associated with particular activities. For example, you can list your TV, AV receiver, and soundbar for the “Watch TV” activity. This way, whenever you hit the “Watch TV” button, the remote will turn on the associated devices.

There is just one minor quirk on Logitech Harmony 650 and Logitech Harmony 700. They both still use the infrared (IR) technology. Hence, they need to be in a direct line of sight with the device that you want to control. You need to aim your remote to the right direction in order for the command to register.

Logitech Harmony 650 Vs 700

- Support for 8 devices is enabled at software setup - replaces up to 8 remotes, reducing complexity and clutter in your living room
- Bright color screen shows your channel favorite icons plus commands for easy navigation
- One-touch Activity buttons like "Watch a DVD" automatically switch the right devices to the right settings
- Compatible with 225,000+ devices from 5000+ brands, including devices you own today and add tomorrow
- System Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8,Mac OS X 10.6 or later
- Rechargeable design keeps your remote charged and ready for up to a week - no batteries to buy or replace
- Brilliant color screen displays favorite-channel icons and commands for easy selection
- One-touch activity buttons automatically turn on all the right devices for instant access to TV, DVDs, music and more
- Replaces multiple remotes with universal control of up to 6 different components
- Supports virtually any home-entertainment component, including over 250,000 devices from over 5,000 brands

Between these two models, Logitech Harmony 650 is more recommended. It is able to control more devices, so it is more practical to use. It also has better programmability, as it allows you to set sequences. The battery life is better, too.

Syma X5c Vs X5SW

The Syma X5SW is an updated version of the Syma X5C, the best-selling drone of Amazon for its great value for money, high performance and video quality. The Syma X5SW is presented with some improvements regarding its predecessor and also with a version, the Syma X5SW, with the same features as the X5C. That are the fact about them that making people have to compare to look after the difference. Lets make it into Syma X5C vs X5SW.

Syma X5C
Syma X5C Explorers Quad Copter is one of the Best-Seller Quadcopter. This model is super Affordable, lightweight, user-friendly and offers a Great Experience Flight. Features 6 Axis Gyroscope, HD Camera, Less power consumption, the level of Control Technology, Piloting Various Spectrum and so on. This is ideal for beginners Quadcopter RC or Novice, because it allows to perform various stunts and reversing the movement action. Drones are already equipped camera for taking photos and video of the 2 megapixel resolution. There is also a 6-axis system feature that allows the quadcoper launched by hand by way of thrown or flying, while the 6-axis gyro to make a stable, controlled flight with ease, and is able to appropriate level against the wind. Drone is powered by 2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference. This means that can fly with other quadcopter without harming the frequency of each other. It can be flew either in the Indoor and Outdoor, propeller has a seat on the flying in Indoor, outdoor safety if the propeller should removed so quadcopter can fly more agile. Not only that, it can also fly over the top, bottom, right and left, forward, backward, turn with gyro/flash lamp, A 360 degree 3D and special functions that will roll continuously.

Syma X5SW
Syma X5SW is the latest and most advanced model for the kind of toys X 5 grade quadcopter from Syma. He also was the most expensive model of its kind, although the differences are small, and are the only models who have featured video FPV (First Person View/first person View) via WiFi network and is available in black, red, or White. Syma X5SW capable of transmitting video FPV via WiFi network. To see the video of her, ye FPV must first install app Syma FPV on your smartphone App Syma FPV available for Android and Apple’s iOS as well. Syma X5SW 500mAh battery which only has the power 6-7 minute flight time and takes 90 minutes to charge via USB. Syma X5SW made of entirely plastic, although it declined to an average fall or impact on hard-hit an object, will make the blades bend and landing gear brakes. Luckily X5SW package comes with additional material. This quadcopter enough for indoor and outdoor flying and can do some tricks action 3D (roll-over in the air) by simply pressing a button. If you choose to select the phone as the hardware of your package X5SW, FPV is equipped with a phone holder, making it easy for pilots to put the phone right on top of the transmitter.

Syma X5c Vs X5SW

Syma X5cSyma X5SW
Key features- Equipped with HD camera - Perform flips at the press of a button with 360 degree eversion, Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors - 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight - 7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time- Equipped with the latest 6-axis flight control systems, 3D lock, More scheduled flight, operating more to the force! - Equipped with HD camera to take photos and videos while flying! Bring a new perspective to your photos and videos from the air

Customer Rating4.0 out of 5.0 stars3.7 out of 5.0 stars
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If you want to buy the Syma X5SW, actually it’s the same as the Syma X5C only that the camera comes equipped with WiFi so you can connect the drone camera to your mobile phone and see in real time what the drone sees. Overall, you can do it in the following links. You have the links for the drone with 2 MP camera and 0.3 MP. This is Syma X5c vs X5SW.

Huion GT 220 V2 Vs Cintiq

So, you have saved enough money to buy a new tablet monitor. Regardless of whether you are a beginner who is just about to start learning or a professional graphic designer, you definitely want to get a truly reliable tablet monitor through which you can draw breath-taking arts and high-precision sketches. Right now, there are two popular products that are available in the same price range: Huion GT 220 V2 vs Cintiq.

Of course, if one is looking for the best tablet monitor, Wacom’s Cintiq is among the very first names that would be recommended. However, many people think that Cintiq is a little bit too expensive. For example, you can get Huion GT 220 V2 at about the same price as Cintiq 13HD, yet the Huion model offers a much larger display and two pens. So, which tablet monitor should you choose? See the comparisons between Huion GT 220 V2 and Wacom Cintiq 13HD below to find the answer!

Computer Connection
One thing is true for both of these two devices. They simply act as interactive display monitors, so they are designed to work with a personal computer. Neither of them has a built-in operating system to operate independently – that’s a feature that you can only find in more expensive models.

Huion GT 220 V2 requires at least two connections to your computer, one HDMI and one USB. In addition, it also requires a power cord. Optionally, you can also put another USB connection, which is for recharging the pens. You see, this model comes with two pens that operate with built-in batteries; you can use one pen while recharging the other pen.

On the other hand, Wacom Cintiq 13HD works with a battery-free pen, so there is no need for you to recharge anything. The device only requires two connections to your computer, one HDMI and one USB. It also requires a power cord. Such design is much more convenient; you won’t have to bother switching your pen in the middle of a project, and your work space will be less cluttered.

Design and Feature
When choosing between Huion GT 220 V2 vs Cintiq, consider that they come with different designs and features. Huion GT 220 V2 is much larger, and it is also so much heavier. It will be quite a bulk of weight if you plan to bring it along to places. Nevertheless, on the back of the device, you can find an integrated adjustable stand, which is very nice. You can adjust the angle of the device to the most comfortable position.

However, not many people like the fact that Huion GT 220 V2 has its buttons placed at the bottom. When the device is put in a standing position, the buttons become difficult to access. And it doesn’t have programmable keys for shortcuts.

However, in addition to the three connectors we have previously mentioned (power cord, HDMI, USB), Huion GT 220 V2 also comes with DVI and VGA connectors. These two additional connectors can be handy if your PC doesn’t have the HDMI port, even though you can indeed buy a converter instead.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD is much more compact, lightweight, and portable. It is so slim that you can easily slip it into your backpack. In addition, it allows you to set up shortcuts by utilizing the four customizable Express Keys and rocker ring, which are all placed on the left side of the display screen. The placement is very convenient.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD does not have DVI or VGA connectors. It solely uses the HDMI and USB ports to connect with the PC. If you are using, say, a MacBook Pro, you need to equip yourself with a converter that adapts Mini-DVI/Lightning Bolt to HDMI.

One of the most significant differences between Huion GT 220 V2 vs Cintiq is the display screen size. Huion GT 220 V2 comes with a much larger display screen, with a diagonal of 21.5” and the dimensions of 476.64 mm x 268.11 mm. On the other hand, Wacom Cintiq 13HD only has a 13.3” display screen with an active area of 299 mm x 171 mm. If you plan on using the tablet monitor along with a keyboard and mouse, the smaller size is actually an advantage.

In terms of display, Huion GT 220 V2 seems to be slightly better than Wacom Cintiq 13HD. Well, both models here use IPS panels for the best image quality and performance. Both also boast the Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, with 5080 lines per inch. But Huion GT 220 V2 offers more flexible viewing angles. It can be seen without distortion from an angle of up to 178 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions. It also has slightly higher contrast ratio.

Both Huion GT 220 V2 vs Cintiq 13HD tablet monitors do not support multi-touch. In terms of performance, these two devices offer different advantages, but Cintiq 13HD comes out as the better-performing model in the end.

Huion GT 220 V2 is awesome because it has very high pen pressure levels, which is up to 8192 levels. With such range, it can translate your drawings with high precision, from the finest lines to the boldest scratches. In addition, it also has an excellent response time of 14 ms.

However, Huion GT 220 V2 isn’t as accurate as the Cintiq model. Well, it is quite accurate and reliable, but the accuracy range of plus-minus 3 mm doesn’t sound impressive. You may find it registering your input not right under the pen. In addition, Huion GT 220 V2 also has some typos in the interface – it is made in China, if you wonder why.

On the other hand, Wacom Cintiq 13HD only has 2048 pressure levels. That’s great, but many users wish that it can go a little bit higher. Nevertheless, the best thing about this model in terms of performance is the superior accuracy. It is highly accurate.

When buying Huion GT 220 V2 from the official website, you can choose to add a six-month warranty or a one-year warranty. The additional warranty adds some extra bucks to the total cost. If you are dissatisfied with the product due to subjective reasons, you have 7 days to return it, but you will be charged by some fee. Meanwhile, you have 30 days for a refund due to quality issues.

Wacom Cintiq 13HD is equipped with different limited warranties for different regions. For Europe, China, Africa, and Middle East, the period is three year. For USA, Canada, and Latin America, the warranty period is two years. For Japan and Asia Pacific, the period is one year.

Huion GT 220 V2Cintiq
Key features- Improved Performance – The 2nd generation of the GT-220 pen display has solved the problem of awaking from sleep mode, cursor offset, breaking lines; It optimized the overall linearity - Upgraded Firmware – Provides a more accurate and responsive cursor positioning experience for drawing; It fulfills users the efficiency needed for greater productivity- Enjoy the natural creative experience of working directly on screen - Pressure (2048 levels) and tilt sensitive Wacom Pro Pen performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers - Premium, 13.3", HD Display (1920 X 1080) with wide viewing angle,get a HDMI to Mini Display Port adapter to connect the DTK1300 to a Macbook Pro

Customer Rating4.3 out of 5.0 stars3.9 out of 5.0 stars
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In the end, we recommend you to choose Wacom Cintiq 13HD due to several reasons. It has a more compact and convenient design. It is more portable, and the programmable keys are very handy. It also has a better warranty. But, most importantly, the superior accuracy is the strongest point to choose this model.

Asus VX248H Vs Benq RL2455HM

If you want to enjoy the best visual features of your game and immerse yourself in vivid, lifelike images, you need to equip your PC with a decent display monitor. It is not only for the sake of entertainment. Competitive players also need to equip themselves with the best display monitor if they want to reach their peak performance. Because of that, many manufacturers have designed display monitors specially for gaming, such as Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM.

Both Asus VX248H and Benq RL2455HM are gaming monitors that boast ultra-low response time, superior contrast ratio, and outstanding Full HD performance. These two models are relatively affordable 60 Hz gaming monitors – if you want a 144 Hz monitor, see Asus VX248H vs VG248QE! So, how do they compare against each other? Is it the Asus or Benq monitor that is the best choice for the money?

Design and Dimension
Although both products are 24” monitors, they do have different overall dimensions. In terms of compactness and placement versatility, Benq RL2455HM has the better edge. This is because it supports the VESA mount, which is the standard mounting system used by most manufacturers. It can be easily mounted on various supports, such as arms and wall mounts. In addition, it is much thinner, as the foot is straight and slim.

On the other hand, Asus VX248H is best put on a desk. It does not support the VESA mount, so it is trickier to mount. In addition, it has a circular base that will require some surface area.

Both monitors are tiltable. You can adjust the vertical angle by shifting the monitor up or down. However, both monitors here do not swivel, but this is not a problem at all. Benq RL2455HM is slightly taller, whereas Asus VX248H’s display sits closer to the base.

Display Type
Both Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM have matte screens, which is great. Although a glossy screen would appear more luxurious and resist scratches somewhat better, a glossy screen tends to reflect lots of light and hence is very prone to glare. Both Asus VX248H and Benq RL2455HM do not have any problem with glare.

Furthermore, these two products also use the same display technology. Both monitors use TN (twisted nematic) panels. TN panels are very popular for gaming because of their ultra-low response times and decent brightness. However, TN panels have very narrow viewing angles; if you look at a TN panel from a moderate angle, you can notice color shifts. But you can easily avoid this problem by adjusting the position of your monitor to be at the same height as your eyes.

Both models here are also LED-backlit monitors. By using the LED backlighting, a TN panel can enhance the brightness and contrast ratio. The results are more vibrant colors and richer, deeper blacks.

Now that we know they use the same panels and technologies, how do Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM compare against each other? At first, they seem to be identical. Both are Full HD monitors. To be precise, their native resolution is 1920 x 1080.

However, they have different response times. Asus VX248H has a response time of 1 ms, which is very impressive. With such response time, input lag will never be a problem. And the 60 Hz refresh rate ensures that you will get smooth, detailed movements without any motion blur. Some users have successfully overclocked their Asus VX248H monitors to provide 75 Hz refresh rate for even better performance.

On the other hand, Benq RL2455HM boasts a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 1 ms GTG. Doesn’t that sound similar? Wait a minute. The GTG response time actually only measures the time the monitor takes to shift from gray to white and back to gray. The GTG response time is typically faster than the practical response time. Benq RL2455HM’s practical response time is actually about 5 ms.

In most cases, you won’t really notice the response time difference. But in fast-paced games, especially in shooters, racers, and some real-time strategy games, a slower response time may give you slight input lag and stuttering.

Image Quality
These two monitors have similar brightness and luminance. However, the dynamic contrast ratio of Benq RL2455HM is ‘only’ 1,000,000:1. Actually, that’s already impressive. You will enjoy rich colors and deep blacks. But, still, it is not as great as the Asus monitor.

Asus VX248H boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. Yes, that’s just as amazing as it sounds! This monitor offers outstanding image quality. The colors are rich and deep, and the blacks are solid. It will really satisfy your eyes.

However, if you are using an Nvidia graphics card, you may need to perform a slight tweak to use Asus VX248H. Many Nvidia users have been disappointed by awful contrast. This is because, when you are using the HDMI port, the Nvidia graphics card limits the color range by default. To fix the problem, simply go to the Nvidia Control Panel, change resolution, and change the dynamic range from “limited” to “full”. Afterward, you may need to reset the other color correction settings.

Other Features
Each of Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM is equipped with two built-in stereo speakers. Well, built-in speakers in monitors are never impressive, but these still are useful for backup. Better use external speakers or a decent gaming headset. Each of the two monitors has a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack if you want to connect a headset instead.

Asus VX248H does not have any DVI port, but it does come with a DVI-to-HDMI cable. It also includes a VGA cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable. It has two HDMI ports. On the other hand, Benq RL2455HM has DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports, along with the necessary cables (DVI-I and DVI-D cables also included).

Asus VX248HBenq RL2455HM
Key features- Ultra-Slim Elegant Design 24-inch Full HD LED monitor, with extremely quick 1ms response time - ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue - 80,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and HDMI interfaces, is optimized for the finest image and color quality- 1ms MONITOR: Fast Response Time for ultra smooth console gaming experience - FULL HD MONITOR: 1080p monitor with RTS mode developed by professional gamers

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Customer Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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In the end, we recommend you to choose Asus VX248H for the best performance and image quality. This particular monitor has excellent response time and outstanding contrast. However, you can choose Benq RL2455HM is you need the VESA mount support or DVI cables. While the response time is a little bit slower, the contrast is also very good.

Launch CRP123 Vs CRP129

If you are currently looking for the difference between Launch CRP 123(Launch Creader VII+) and Launch CRP 129 (Creader VIII), to make the story is shorter, CRP129 is an upgraded version of CRP123. Then, there is a question: can you upgrade the 123 to the 129? The answer might be come in 2 versions knowing that everyone has their own needs as well as in choosing between Launch CRP123 vs CRP129. But, after reading this article, we hope that you will find the right option which is an ideal for you in the future.

Launch CRP123
Launch CRP123- This device has some of the greatest data coding volumes that are recognized to the manufacturer specified and generic codes. This device is also proven to be broadly compatible with the United States manufactured vehicles, but also a number of other vehicles manufactured in Europe and Asia. The Launch CRP123 will not eave you hanging with a generic code. It also retrieves your vehicle manufacture-specific code. Additionally, it has support for 10 modes of OBD2. The tool has only 1.4 pounds and measuring just 9.2 (width) x 7.8 (height) x 1.7 (deep) inches. So this sucker is easy to store in the tool box and convenient to carry. The construction of Launch CRP123 is really great. This thing has a durable plastic cover and it’s not the kind of plastic that kid’s Matchbox cars are made out of. There are ABS, transmission (A / T) and airbag (SRS) code support and these are available through the included USB cable. Just hook it up to your laptop, and you are good to go.

Launch CRP129
The introduction of the new OBD2 scan engine from launch technology, US based technology and conglomerate software has however been changed in the table. Their new OBD2 Diagnostic Scan tool launches the awesome CRP129 in both design and functionality. Multi-functional features can enable the technician or owner to get some updates in real-time. In this process, time and money are drastically saved. The OBD 2 scan tool has been praised for its high level of efficiency in accomplishing things to do with motor vehicle engines. It has what may be required for modern motor vehicles. If you’re longing to come into actual contact with modern technology in the OBD2 scan engine area, then this is a real machine. The main feature is about high-compatibility mode- this feature itself is important as this can encode both manufacturers specified code and other generic code itself available. Its use is wide.

Launch CRP123 Vs CRP129

Launch CRP123Launch CRP129
Key features- POWERFUL FUNCTIONS: This obd2 scanner can work on four systems(ENG/TCM/ABS/SRS), it can also reads and clears codes on engine, transmission (A/T), ABS, and airbag (SRS) - SPECIAL FUNCTION: The scan tool can supports DLC location hints/ DTC help/ Data stream display in waveform/ Historical data record and playback- Cover more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia? - OBDII Data Stream Graphic Display - Service light reset function for multiple car models - Display DTC help information and service information - Supports all 10 test modes of the OBDII

Customer Rating4.0 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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Launch CRP129 is more functional and elegant which can switch the professional device in the large service, even when in busy condition on another car or not needed more specific professional capabilities or also when there is no deep diagnostic level requirements. Solution Launch CRP129 is especially useful for small services, service reception points, body and repair services for express-diagnostics according to the requirements to the level of diagnostics. On the other hand, a low-cost Launch CRP 123 is suitable especially for private use for individuals who have their own cars.

Samsung CF398 Vs CF591

Samsung has jazzed up the competition even further by introducing two beautiful curved monitors into the market, Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591. These two curved monitors offer great performance and features that make them suitable for various entertainment purposes, from watching the Saturday night’s movies to gaming. So, which model should you pick? Below, we put the comparisons between Samsung CF398 vs CF591 to help you decide.

What’s with Curved Monitors?
If you are still wondering whether curved monitors are worth the money, let’s see first what these curved monitors have to offer. First of all, monitors should have been curved in the first place. By curving the screen, the monitor can respond to the natural curvature of the eye, effectively matching the field of view and providing the ideal ergonomics. You will enjoy a much more immersive visual experience, as if the actions are happening in reality. Secondly, curved monitors often offer enhanced brightness and contrast levels as well as reduced light leakage. In other words, these curved monitors will spoil your eyes with captivating colors and figures. Combined with a fast response time, you will be given life-like images!

If you put Samsung CF398 vs CF591 side by side, you can see that they have quite different designs. On one hand, we have Samsung CF398. It has a black frame, and the foot is perhaps the most apparent physical distinction. It has an almost flat V-like foot that extends with quite a length horizontally. It is great if you need to get some free space in front of the monitor. Nevertheless, the black frame appears elegant paired with the curved monitor.It is slightly lighter, and is VESA mountable.

On the other hand, we have Samsung CF591. In contrast with Samsung CF398, Samsung CF591 comes with a silver frame. And unlike Samsung CF398, Samsung CF591 has a foot that extends forward to create a circular base. Such design is good if you don’t have much space in the horizontal direction, but some people hate seeing the protruding foot in front of their monitor. Nevertheless, it looks modern and contemporary.

Both monitors have a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Both also have a matte screen, which is a great option if you don’t want to get glares and light reflections on your monitor. Matte screens resists glares and light reflections well. Just make sure that you don’t scratch them because matte screens are prone to scratches.

When choosing between Samsung CF398 vs CF591, you also have to consider what types of connectors that you are going to use. Of course, the trend today is HDMI, so obviously both Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 are equipped with HDMI ports.

However, some desktop setups are still relying on VGA for some particular reasons. You can spend some extra bucks in order to get a VGA-to-HDMI adapter, or buy a monitor that supports both HDMI and VGA without spending some extra bucks. If you need VGA, Samsung CF591 is the way to go, as Samsung CF398 does not support VGA.

Neither comes with DVI, unfortunately. So they can’t connect to some mobile devices and portable gaming platforms that solely rely on DVI for external display. But both models do support DisplayPort, which is a nice connection that enables the computer to send not only video but also audio, USB, and other forms of data. It also allows you to set up multiple video outputs using just a single DisplayPort connector.

Should a display monitor come with a built-in speaker? People’s opinions are greatly divided in this matter. But, the truth is the truth; dedicated external speakers will always give better audio performance than built-in ones. However, having a built-in speaker does not hurt, either. It can be your temporary backup when your primary speakers experience a problem.

Samsung CF591 comes with a built-in speaker, making it quite a good value for the money. Even though the audio performance is nothing seriously impressive, it is usable. Samsung CF398, on the other hand, does not have any built-in speaker. But both models have audio output ports, so you can easily plug a bookshelf speaker to the monitor if you really want to.

Now, this is probably the section that you’ve been waiting for. Samsung CF398 vs CF591, performance compared. As a matter of fact, these two 27” monitors have the same native resolution, which is 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). Both also have similar brightness and contrast levels. You can expect similarly deep, vibrant colors from both monitors. Try battling Ornstein and Smough on either of these two monitors, and you will see what “vivid” means.

Both Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 are also equipped with the AMD FreeSync technology, which enables superior frame rate performance even during the fastest moving scenes. The AMD FreeSync technology is able to greatly minimize input latency and reduce image tearing and stutter by dynamically syncing the content’s frame rate with the screen’s. You will experience less motion blur, judder, and ghosting.

Well, the difference between Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 in terms of performance is the maximum refresh rate.Samsung CF398 only has a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is actually sufficient for most games. However, if you are seeking for a new level of smooth, Samsung CF591 is the way to go. It has a maximum refresh rate of 72 Hz. In most cases, you won’t notice much of a difference. But you can definitely see smoother movements and more detailed images on Samsung CF591 in the more demanding parts of the visual.

Samsung CF398Samsung CF591
Key features- Industry leading 1800R screen curvature for immersive viewing - Slim design with high glossy black finish and innovative T-shaped stand - Rapid 4ms response time for a clear picture during fast moving scenes;Multiple connectivity options with Display port and HDMI- 1800R curvature of the screen provides a truly immersive viewing experience - A stylish design featuring a glossy white body with metallic silver finish and sleek curves. - AMD FreeSync minimizes input latency and dramatically reduces image tearing and stutter during gaming.

Customer Rating4.3 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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Considering that the price difference between Samsung CF398 and Samsung CF591 is quite marginal, we recommend you to choose Samsung CF591. It has the better value for the money, providing better performance in terms of refresh rate, a built-in speaker which is handy for backup, and better connectivity. With the 72 Hz refresh rate, you will enjoy improved image quality during fast actions. The speaker is not very impressive, but is definitely usable.

Asus VE247H Vs VS247H

If you are looking for a high-quality display monitor that can deliver the most vibrant and vivid images, Asus VE247H and Asus VS247H can get into your consideration easily. Asus VS247H is available at a slightly higher price point than Asus VE247H. However, even with the price difference, the two models still look very similar to each other. So, why are they priced differently? Is there any difference between these two excellent LED monitors, and which is the one that you should choose?

Both Asus VE247H and Asus VS247H are 23.6” display monitors. But, although the screen sizes are identical, they have slightly different dimensions. Asus VE247H is 569.4 mm wide, whereas Asus VS247H is 561.8 mm. The 7.6 mm width difference means that the bevel the bezel edges on Asus VE247H are thicker than the ones on Asus VS247H. In addition, Asus VS247 boasts a slim design. It is slimmer than Asus VE247H, though not by a significant margin. Actually, the shape of the foot stand of Asus VS247H is the one that makes the overall size slimmer than Asus VE247H. The foot stand on Asus VS247H connects the bottom of the display monitor to the center of the plate, whereas Asus VE247H’s foot stand is sharply angled to the rear side of the plate.

The next difference between these two models is regarding the built-in speakers. Asus VE247H has been equipped with a pair of 1W speakers, hence the extra thickness. The built-in speakers can be handy if you don’t have any speaker yet, but don’t expect too much from the audio quality. Asus VS247H does not have any speaker. Both models come with HDMI, DVI-D, and D-Sub (VGA) inputs.

Image Quality
Both models are 23.6” display monitors that have the native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Both models boast an ultra-quick response time of just 2 ms. The low response time ensures that you are not going to be bothered by input lag issues. These display monitors are great for gaming. However, the images produced by Asus VS247H may have better color accuracy and contrast, as the contrast ratio is much higher than that of Asus VE247H. The contrast ratio of Asus VS247 is 50,000,000:1 as opposed to Asus VE247H’s 10,000,000:1. The difference can matter for serious applications that require the highest color accuracy possible. But a casual user may not notice a significant difference in image quality.

Asus VE247H Vs VS247H

Asus VE247HAsus VS247H
Key features- The 23.6-inch display with 1920x1080 resolution and Quick response time of 2ms (GTG) eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback. - Inputs of D-Sub, DVI and HDMI and Built In 1W X 2 Speaker- 23.6 display with 1920x1080 resolution and Quick response time of 2ms (GTG) eliminates ghosting and tracers for more fluid video playback - Smart View Technology can adjust color parameters to deliver the same image quality and colors with straight viewing

Customer Rating4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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If you think you need the built-in speakers, Asus VE247H makes the fullest value for your money. It is also the way to go if you don’t need an ultra-high contrast ratio level. But, for the highest color accuracy, you should choose Asus VS247H.

Garrett Ace 250 Vs Fisher F22

Choosing the right metal detector can be quite tricky and confusing. However, you don’t need to worry about getting an entry-level model like Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F22. Any pro in the field would tell you that skill alone can trump an expensive machine in making great finds. So, an entry-level metal detector will not hinder your progress – that is, if you choose the right model that makes the fullest value for the money. So, between the two entry-level machines, Garrett Ace 250 and Fisher F22, which one should you choose?

Design and Construction
In terms of design and construction, Fisher F22 has a better edge here than Garrett Ace 250. Fisher F22 is more lightweight and is waterproof. Of course, it has been modeled after the legendary Fisher F2 model, so we don’t get really surprised by the excellent design and build quality. Being more lightweight, Fisher F22 is easier and less tiring to hold. And, more importantly, Fisher F22’s machine and coil are both waterproof. Which means, you can use it in the rain or even in a wet area without the risk of damaging the metal detector. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 is slightly heavier. The coil is waterproof, but the connectors on the machine are not. Hence, Garrett Ace 250 cannot be used in the rain.

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Fisher F22 is powered by a pair of AA batteries. It has a screen that features a two-digit seven-segment display. Its tone is adjustable, and it has been equipped with automatic ground balance. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 works with four AA batteries. This model has a digital display screen, three selectable tones, and a factory-preset ground balance.

Fisher F22 operates on the 7.69 kHz frequency. On the other hand, Garrett Ace 250 operates on the 6.5 kHz frequency. Garrett Ace 250 may have a better performance in scanning because the coil is circular with a wider diameter. However, Fisher F22 can be more accurate in pinpointing because of the centered coil. In addition, Fisher F22 is able to detect to deeper depths than Garrett Ace 250. The maximum depth of Fisher F22 is 9 inches, whereas Garrett Ace 250’s is just 6 to 7 inches.

Garrett Ace 250 Vs Fisher F22

Garrett Ace 250Fisher F22
Key features- Graphic Target ID cursor - Accept/Reject notch for specific target detection and to ignore unwanted items - Electronic pinpoint for easy target recovery - Continuous target depth indicator- For detecting coins, jewelry, and artifacts - Features pinpoint mode - 10 adjustable sensitivity levels - Weather resistant - Detects metals up to 9 in. deep

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Customer Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.5 out of 5.0 stars
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We recommend you to choose Fisher F22. It has a better build, features, and performance. The waterproof body and higher maximum depth rating are the primary reasons to choose the model.

Dremel 3000 Vs Black and Decker RTX

Dremel 3000 and Black and Decker RTX are two rotary tools that often make people confused. These two models seem to be quite similar to each other. They have similar power, and, interestingly, their attachments are interchangeable. However, Black and Decker RTX is available at a slightly lower price point than Dremel 3000. So, besides the price, is there any difference between Black and Decker RTX and Dremel 3000? Will Black and Decker RTX give you the fullest value for the money, or should you choose Dremel 3000 instead? See the answer below.

As you can see, Black and Decker RTX and Dremel 3000 come with slightly different shapes and colors. Dremel 3000 is colored in gray and blue. Most of the housing is colored in dark gray and light gray, whereas the text and buttons are blue. On the other hand, Black and Decker RTX is colored in black and orange. They have slightly different curves, but they both have good handling. They are about the same size. (Have a look : Dremel 4000 Vs 3000)

One of the major reasons why Black and Decker RTX is available at a more affordable price point than Dremel 3000 is the accessories. Black and Decker RTX only comes with five accessories, a wrench, a storage bag, and the user manual. On the other hand, Dremel 3000 boasts a much wider collection of accessories. It comes with 1 attachment and 24 accessories for various purposes. There is also a hard-case storage box included. If you don’t have compatible accessories yet, getting the complete bundle of Dremel 3000 is a great, convenient solution. But, if you don’t need the accessories, getting Black and Decker RTX will be more cost-efficient.

Despite the similar specs, Black and Decker RTX and Dremel 3000 have different speeds. Black and Decker RTX is a three-speed rotary tool. It only has three speed levels, which are 12,000 RPM as the lowest, 24,000 RPM as the medium, and 30,000 RPM as the highest. On the other hand, Dremel 3000 features a variable speed that is adjustable from 5,000 RPM up to 35,000 RPM. Besides allowing you to adjust the speed more precisely for each specific work, there are also lower and higher speeds available.

Dremel 3000 Vs Black and Decker RTX

Dremel 3000Black and Decker RTX
BrandDremelBlack & Decker
Key features- Variable speed from 5,000 to 32,000 RPM - Improved design for multiple grip positions - EZ Twist Nose Cap for quick accessory changes - Includes 2 attachments: a sanding/grinding guide and a cutting guide- Includes: RTX Speed Rotary Tool; 5 Accessories; Storage Bag; User Guide; Wrench - Exclusive Flip-Lock spindle lock system for quick and easy accessory changes, eliminates need to hold down awkward button

Customer Rating4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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You should choose Dremel 3000 if you need the accessories or the variable speed control with a wider range of speed levels. Otherwise, you can pick Black and Decker RTX, which is more affordable and cost-efficient.

Lowrance Elite 5 Vs Elite 5X

If you are currently looking for a fishfinder device to be equipped in your ship, Lowrance Elite 5X and Lowrance Elite 5 are solid choices. These items are among the most popular models on the market right now. People love the features and reliability offered by these models. However, Lowrance Elite 5X is available at a considerably lower price point than Lowrance Elite 5. So, what is the difference between Lowrance Elite 5X and Lowrance Elite 5 that causes such price difference? If you want to get more detailed information in order to choose between these two fishfinder devices, continue reading below!

Seeing the two models side by side, we can immediately tell that they do have different designs. Well, they each have a 5” color display screen. However, on Lowrance Elite 5X, the display screen is just a regular LCD panel. Meanwhile, Lowrance Elite 5 has been equipped with a high-res LED-backlit touchscreen. That’s why there aren’t so many buttons on Lowrance Elite 5 compared to the ones on Lowrance Elite 5X. On Lowrance Elite 5X, the display screen is placed more to the left rather than in the center, with the buttons featuring a set of navigation pads on the right. Meanwhile, the display screen of Lowrance Elite 5 is right at the center. There are a few function buttons on the right. The touchscreen control of Lowrance Elite 5 is definitely quicker and more convenient to use than the button control of Lowrance Elite 5X. The size of Lowrance Elite 5 is wider, whereas Lowrance Elite 5X is taller. (Take a look : Lowrance Elite 5 Vs HDS 5)

In terms of features, Lowrance Elite 5X and Lowrance Elite 5 actually come with similar features, with just one exception. They both are equipped with CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and DownScan. These features are very effective for finding fishes under the sea surface. Both have a 250W power rating, and they can see 1000 feet under the sea at the 50 kHz frequency. That is an impressive number. However, Lowrance Elite 5X does not have the built-in GPS. If you already have a chart plotter, or if your budget is limited, it makes a decent choice. On the other hand, Lowrance Elite 5 comes with the built-in GPS.

Lowrance Elite 5 Vs Elite 5X

Lowrance Elite 5Lowrance Elite 5X
Key features- High-resolution 5 inch led-backlit color display - Easy-to-use touchscreen - Internal GPS antenna - MicroSD card slot- 5" color LCD - Broadband CHIRP Fish finder - Structure Scan Fish finder - Transom mount transducer included

Customer Rating3.6 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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If you need the built-in GPS, you should choose Lowrance Elite 5. It also makes a convenient choice because of the touchscreen control. But, if you don’t need the built-in GPS, you can choose Lowrance Elite 5X to save some bucks.