Benq W1070 vs Epson 3020

3D projectors have arrived to stay. Now that the market has a considerable amount of options to choose from, it’s important to clear up the jungle from the redundant products and bring forward the best values and performers. In this comparison, two budget-minded models, each one from reputed brands, are measured against each other.

Benq W1070 vs Epson 3020

The BenQ W1070 is a DLP projector while the Epson 3020 is 3LCD. Given the inherent limitations of LCD technology in black levels, one would expect the BenQ projector to win the battle in this department and provide the stronger contrast ratio. But the two models are relatively even, and while the BenQ might have a very slight advantage, it’s the Epson that provides the best shadow details. The BenQ has a tendency to clip details either in the blackest or whitest levels depending on which end of the luminosity spectrum it is calibrated for. Color accuracy, on the other hand, is slightly better on the W1070. The DLP projector has a more neutral color reproduction and is closer to reference. The darkest parts of an image have a bluish tint on the Epson 3020 owing to its LCD tech. The lens shift noise of the Epson can be quite annoying as well, the BenQ is virtually silent.

Video processing is virtually identical in both models, they reveal excellent performance in this aspect with Judder free 24fps playback, as any good projector. 3D performance is also excellent in both, but the Epson has the advantage of including two 3D glasses while the BenQ requires that these be bought separately. If you are a gamer, you’ll prefer the BenQ due to its shorter input lag than the Epson. Be aware, however, that the motion resolution of these projectors is only commendable, not great. Maximum screen sizes are claimed to be 300-inch for the Epson and 235 for the BenQ. Connectivity wise, they are again even, with the 3020 sporting an optional gimmick in the form of a wireless HDMI hub for those who want to avoid cables splattered in the room. This comes at a higher price though.

BenQ W1070 vs Epson 3020

Benq W1070Epson 3020
Key features- Built-in speakers are Plug-and-Play ready - 2 HDMI inputs for video and gaming sources - The SmartEco Mode - The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source - The W1070 is ISF Certified- Color brightness: 2300 lumens - White brightness: 2300 lumens - 2D-to-3D conversion - Up to 40,000:1 contrast ratio - Includes 2 pairs of RF 3D glasses
Customer Rating4.7 out of 5 stars4.7 out of 5 stars
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All-in-all these two units offer relatively comparable performance and functionality, but there’s an important factor that clearly dictates a winner in this battle: price. The BenQ is very competitively priced compared to the Epson. Depending on the stores scrutinized, the W1070 is much cheaper than Epson 3020. That’s nearly half of the Epson price tag as the difference between both. This makes the BenQ an incredible value, effectively the best value among the current budget-minded Full HD 3D projectors. Winner: BenQ W1070.

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