Asus VX248H Vs Benq RL2455HM

If you want to enjoy the best visual features of your game and immerse yourself in vivid, lifelike images, you need to equip your PC with a decent display monitor. It is not only for the sake of entertainment. Competitive players also need to equip themselves with the best display monitor if they want to reach their peak performance. Because of that, many manufacturers have designed display monitors specially for gaming, such as Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM.

Both Asus VX248H and Benq RL2455HM are gaming monitors that boast ultra-low response time, superior contrast ratio, and outstanding Full HD performance. These two models are relatively affordable 60 Hz gaming monitors – if you want a 144 Hz monitor, see Asus VX248H vs VG248QE! So, how do they compare against each other? Is it the Asus or Benq monitor that is the best choice for the money?

Design and Dimension
Although both products are 24” monitors, they do have different overall dimensions. In terms of compactness and placement versatility, Benq RL2455HM has the better edge. This is because it supports the VESA mount, which is the standard mounting system used by most manufacturers. It can be easily mounted on various supports, such as arms and wall mounts. In addition, it is much thinner, as the foot is straight and slim.

On the other hand, Asus VX248H is best put on a desk. It does not support the VESA mount, so it is trickier to mount. In addition, it has a circular base that will require some surface area.

Both monitors are tiltable. You can adjust the vertical angle by shifting the monitor up or down. However, both monitors here do not swivel, but this is not a problem at all. Benq RL2455HM is slightly taller, whereas Asus VX248H’s display sits closer to the base.

Display Type
Both Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM have matte screens, which is great. Although a glossy screen would appear more luxurious and resist scratches somewhat better, a glossy screen tends to reflect lots of light and hence is very prone to glare. Both Asus VX248H and Benq RL2455HM do not have any problem with glare.

Furthermore, these two products also use the same display technology. Both monitors use TN (twisted nematic) panels. TN panels are very popular for gaming because of their ultra-low response times and decent brightness. However, TN panels have very narrow viewing angles; if you look at a TN panel from a moderate angle, you can notice color shifts. But you can easily avoid this problem by adjusting the position of your monitor to be at the same height as your eyes.

Both models here are also LED-backlit monitors. By using the LED backlighting, a TN panel can enhance the brightness and contrast ratio. The results are more vibrant colors and richer, deeper blacks.

Now that we know they use the same panels and technologies, how do Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM compare against each other? At first, they seem to be identical. Both are Full HD monitors. To be precise, their native resolution is 1920 x 1080.

However, they have different response times. Asus VX248H has a response time of 1 ms, which is very impressive. With such response time, input lag will never be a problem. And the 60 Hz refresh rate ensures that you will get smooth, detailed movements without any motion blur. Some users have successfully overclocked their Asus VX248H monitors to provide 75 Hz refresh rate for even better performance.

On the other hand, Benq RL2455HM boasts a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 1 ms GTG. Doesn’t that sound similar? Wait a minute. The GTG response time actually only measures the time the monitor takes to shift from gray to white and back to gray. The GTG response time is typically faster than the practical response time. Benq RL2455HM’s practical response time is actually about 5 ms.

In most cases, you won’t really notice the response time difference. But in fast-paced games, especially in shooters, racers, and some real-time strategy games, a slower response time may give you slight input lag and stuttering.

Image Quality
These two monitors have similar brightness and luminance. However, the dynamic contrast ratio of Benq RL2455HM is ‘only’ 1,000,000:1. Actually, that’s already impressive. You will enjoy rich colors and deep blacks. But, still, it is not as great as the Asus monitor.

Asus VX248H boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000,000:1. Yes, that’s just as amazing as it sounds! This monitor offers outstanding image quality. The colors are rich and deep, and the blacks are solid. It will really satisfy your eyes.

However, if you are using an Nvidia graphics card, you may need to perform a slight tweak to use Asus VX248H. Many Nvidia users have been disappointed by awful contrast. This is because, when you are using the HDMI port, the Nvidia graphics card limits the color range by default. To fix the problem, simply go to the Nvidia Control Panel, change resolution, and change the dynamic range from “limited” to “full”. Afterward, you may need to reset the other color correction settings.

Other Features
Each of Asus VX248H vs Benq RL2455HM is equipped with two built-in stereo speakers. Well, built-in speakers in monitors are never impressive, but these still are useful for backup. Better use external speakers or a decent gaming headset. Each of the two monitors has a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack if you want to connect a headset instead.

Asus VX248H does not have any DVI port, but it does come with a DVI-to-HDMI cable. It also includes a VGA cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable. It has two HDMI ports. On the other hand, Benq RL2455HM has DVI, VGA, and HDMI ports, along with the necessary cables (DVI-I and DVI-D cables also included).

Asus VX248HBenq RL2455HM
Key features- Ultra-Slim Elegant Design 24-inch Full HD LED monitor, with extremely quick 1ms response time - ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye fatigue - 80,000,000:1 high contrast ratio and HDMI interfaces, is optimized for the finest image and color quality- 1ms MONITOR: Fast Response Time for ultra smooth console gaming experience - FULL HD MONITOR: 1080p monitor with RTS mode developed by professional gamers

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In the end, we recommend you to choose Asus VX248H for the best performance and image quality. This particular monitor has excellent response time and outstanding contrast. However, you can choose Benq RL2455HM is you need the VESA mount support or DVI cables. While the response time is a little bit slower, the contrast is also very good.

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