AData DashDrive HV610 1TB Review

AData DashDrive HV610 1TB Review – When compared to other portable hard disk, Adata HV610 DashDrive really interesting. Exterior looks different from the others . He is not just a square box, but resembles a small tote bag.

Understandably there is a semicircular handle at the top of the body. This is not just any grip. The handle was actually a USB cable. USB cable is coiled on top of the portable hard disk it thanks to the addition of milk white “blanket” in his light blue.

AData DashDrive HV610 1TB Review

The bright blue blanket may also be removed/installed. In addition to netting USB cable when the cable is not plugged into a USB port, quilts by Adata dubbed smart cover that aims to beautify the appearance. Actually, look DashDrive Adata HV610 is quite pretty. However, accent blue plastic that covers the asserted pattern jigsaw puzzle that is in his body. Yes, body DashDrive Adata HV610 is not plain, but figured jigsaw puzzle that draw attention.

AData DashDrive HV610 1TB Review 1

Oh yes, on the basis of 2.5 this drive you will see an indicator light. When no data is transferred, the lights will turn bright blue. There’s nothing else in the body DashDrive Adata HV610 , except the USB 3.0 port. Do not worry, though by default carry the USB 3.0 specification, this portable hard drive is running fine if you plug in a USB 2.0 port. Only of course, speed will follow the USB 2.0 specification, ie a maximum of 480Mbps, USB 3.0 is not capable of achieving 5Gbps.

Adata HV610 DashDrive mentioned works fine on three operating systems : Windows ( XP/Vista/7 ), Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, and Linux kernel 2.6 or higher. However, we just trying Adata HV610 DashDrive 1TB capacity are present in with Windows 7. In packaging is written, if the owner has the right to try Adata HV610 DashDrive antivirus Norton Internet Security 2012 60 – day trial version, the software also HDDtoGo and OStoGo. Third software that must be downloaded from the official website itself Adata. HDDtoGo provides among other features such as AES encryption and browsing without a trace, while OStoGo is the utility to make the USB drive bootable.

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In conclusion, if you are concerned with the style and do not want your Ultrabook or netbook accompanied dressed conventional portable hard disk, Adata HV610 DashDrive definitely not to be missed. It look sexy, slim, lightweight also carry. And more importantly, affordable.

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