Actron CP9660 vs CP9670

In this article, we will discuss the differences and comparison between Actron CP9660 vs CP9670, two OBD2/CAN scanners that come from the same manufacturer. Actron is well-known in the automotive world for producing high-quality scanners that greatly help in diagnostics.So, which one is actually better for the money?

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In short, everything that Actron CP9660 can do, Actron CP9670 can do as well. These capabilities include all of the most essential functions. First of all, both models can connect to OBD2 and CAN systems. However, they are not compatible with OBD1 systems. They come with OBD2 cables, so you can use them right away. See also: Fluke 115 vs 117.

Both models are capable of reading live real-time engine data, including the sensor readings, coolant temperature, and RPM level. Furthermore, when they are connected to a vehicle, they can automatically read and show Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), including the pending ones. This is very convenient. They are compatible with more than 4,000 DTC definitions that are commonly used in vehicles.

Both Actron CP9660 vs CP9670 can read and display the MIL status. They can also reset and the MIL and turn off the Check Engine indicator. They can read I/M monitors, Enhanced Engine and Transmission Codes, and vehicle VIN data. Finally, both models are capable of reading and displaying freeze frame data, alias the vehicle conditions when a fault happened. So, these devices are very useful for diagnostics and analyzing faulty/damaged vehicles.

Vehicle Compatibility
Both Actron CP9660 and Actron CP9670 are compatible with all domestic and import vehicles that run on OBD2 or CAN from 1996 and later. In addition, they are also compatible with OBD2-compliant vehicles from 1994 and 1995.

These units can read most ABS codes and definitions of Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and Hyundai, especially on vehicles that are produced between 1996 and 2013. Their compatibility is really wide, so you probably won’t find any issue. They can read vehicle VIN data for models from 2000 or newer.

However, Actron CP9670 offers an even wider compatibility. While the cheaper model, Actron CP9660, only reads mostly generic codes, Actron CP9670 is also able to read manufacturer-specific DTC definitions. This is definitely very useful when dealing with certain vehicles and conditions. This also allows Actron CP9670 to provide live real-time data with more than 300 data PIDs. The data will be more complete, so you can perform more accurate diagnostics.

In addition, Actron CP9670 comes with the AutoID feature. Actron CP9660 doesn’t have this feature. With the AutoID feature, Actron CP9670 can automatically detect and identify most vehicles that are produced in 2000 or newer. This feature makes diagnostics and analysis quicker and easier.

Actron CP9660 is a bit smaller and lighter. It measures 9.30 inches x 6.30 inches x 1.40 inches. The weight is approximately 0.70 lbs. The build quality is good. The casing is apparently made from hard plastic, but it is sturdy and durable. The buttons are also solid and precise.

Actron CP9670 is a bit bigger and heavier. The display is notable larger. This unit measures 10.20 inches x 6.50 inches x 1.50 inches and weighs about 0.80 lbs. The casing is also hard plastic, but it looks better with a gloss finish. The top panel is colored black. The buttons are solid and precise too.

Display Quality
One significant difference between Actron CP9660 vs CP9670 is the display quality. Some people prefer Actron CP9670 over Actron CP9660 because of the display quality alone.

The display screen on Actron CP9660 is much smaller. It can only show a few lines of text. In addition, it is only a monochrome display screen, so everything is black and white. Due to the small size of the display, you will need to press the up and down buttons frequently to scroll. Reading the display can be a bit difficult when under direct sunlight.

The display of Actron CP9670 is much easier to read. It is much larger, so that it can show multiple lines. Furthermore, it is a color display. The colors make the operation more intuitive and more convenient. You can see more information without scrolling up and down repeatedly.

Features and Capabilities
You may consider Actron CP9660 to be quite basic, because Actron CP9670 comes with more advanced capabilities. As mentioned above, Actron CP9670 can AutoID vehicles and is compatible with manufacturer-specific DTCs. In addition, this unit can record, playback, and graph live data, so it is very useful for in-depth analysis.

Besides reading DTCs, Actron CP9670 can also erase them. The unit gives visual indicators when communicating and retrieving data from the vehicle, so you can know for precise whether the connection is working or not. It can read VIN, Cal ID, and CVN data of a vehicle.

Furthermore, Actron CP9670 comes with an acronym library and component locator. So, this model is suitable for beginners. The acronym library will help you understand technical terms. It can also provide full PID descriptions in the live data. The component locator provides a text-based description for the location of a component in the vehicle, and is definitely very helpful for both beginners and experienced users, as different vehicles may put things in different spots.

Finally, Actron CP9660 only supports English. This model does not support any other language by default. Actron CP9670 is already a trilingual device right out of the box. It supports English, Spanish, and French by default. So, Actron CP9670 is recommended for people who prefer to speak Spanish or French.

Actron CP9660 vs CP9670

Actron CP9660Actron CP9670
Key features- Reads ABS & OBD II generic codes for 1996 and newer vehicles - Live data vehicle sensor, switch and relay inputs in real time - Global OBD II Read/Erase codes commands with manufacturer specific definitions- Easy to read color LCD screen and Trilingual menu - Read & ErasABS codes and definitions for most 1996-2013 GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai vehicles - Read & Erase DTCs

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Between these two models, Actron CP9670 is definitely more recommended. This model has a much better display screen. It also has more extensive features and capabilities, such as the ability to automatically identify vehicles and the ability to record and graph live data. It is also suitable for beginners, as it comes with an acronym library and component locator. It supports English, Spanish, and French right out of the box.

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