Rode Videomic Vs Videomic Pro

If you need professional grade microphone to be attached on your HDSLR cameras, camcorders or audio recorder, then you should considering Rode as best brand. There are 2 types of Rode, the regular and pro. Find out the differences between Rode Videomic Vs Videomic Pro and get best deal available on the marketplace through this … Continue reading Rode Videomic Vs Videomic Pro

Sony HDR-MV1 Vs Zoom Q4

Are you looking for the best portable video recorder? You may have met Sony HDR-MV1 and Zoom Q4, and you are now considering to get either one of them. Sony HDR-MV1 and Zoom Q4 share several similarities in the offered features. Even so, there are certainly differences and distinctions that may make you prefer one … Continue reading Sony HDR-MV1 Vs Zoom Q4

Slingbox 500 vs 350

As newer model, Sling Media Slingbox 500 provides improved features and abilities compared than the older Slingbox 350. The consequence, Slingbox 500 is more expensive than Slingbox 350, price is about 2x. On this post, we’re gonna find out what is the differences between both models, the several extra features on Slingbox 500 which is … Continue reading Slingbox 500 vs 350